Greetings, Programs!
I am a #VirtualPhotographer, #NMS Data Miner, Occasional #YouTube / #Twitch Streamer, member of the #AssistantNMS / #AssistantApps team, #DistractionSquad Member, & The Keeper of Obscure Knowledge.
Daily #NoMansSky Photos around (when I get the scheduler to work) 4/5p UTC.
I am also a NoMansSky.Social Admin...but I'm entirely not sure what that means atm...

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Urgent! An important issue is bearing down on us.

You may be aware of the recent WaPo story referencing the Stanford Internet Observatory study that flags child abuse material found in the Fediverse. Yes, those behind the study/article may have it in for us, and this may be a "hit piece", however it is a real threat.

@tess has an explainer:

We need to take this seriously and be proactive before it gets away from us.

Cyberpunk2350, to NoMansSkyGame

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