Full-stack web developer at American University in D.C., dad, vintage computing nerd, and No Man's Sky explorer. I live in Alexandria, Virginia and my views / toots are my own. (He/him)

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Tim Curry voice

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A rare find. A Macintosh SE outfitted with a hardware user authentication system created by mystical Bene Gesserit engineers that requires the prospective user to successfully pass the Gom Jabbar Test of Humanity.

(Of those who successfully pass the test, only the Kwisatz Haderach will be granted root / admin level access to the system.)

#Apple #vintageApple #Mac #Macintosh #vintageMac #retrocomputing #vintagecomputing #rare #Dune #GomJabbar #KwisatzHaderach #theSpiceMustFlow #tech #pain #mysticaltech #Arrakis

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@siliconundergro @a2_4am My school late in the game setup a writing lab entirely populated by Laser 128s. Odd.


@siliconundergro @a2_4am Well, I guess they were both fine for text-mode word processors. I will say that a notable % of the Laser 128's let out their magic smoke.

I, personally, had the earlier, first model of the Laser 128 for a period and used it heavily and loved it. No issues for me.

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Wow, that's a lot of nostalgia in one video:

If you're too young to remember this, it's hard to overstate how impressive the Amiga was back then.

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Picked this up this week. It brings back so many memories of my youth. I typed so many of these programs when I was 14, 15, 16. I'm very happy to have re-found a copy.


@ColinHaynes I had the red one.

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Funny, when some spring chicken makes a vintage computing post on Fb.


Yea, I'm this old.

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Numa Numa kid is now … Numa Numa Man.

Numa Numa (2023, Gary Brolsma)

[ Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone ]

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Put Yourself In the Pilot's Seat with FLIGHT SIMULATOR II.

I love the whole aesthetic of this ad, a whole polygon world around you.

It wasn't until Flight Simulator 98 that I'd get my first taste of the series, so it's always a fascinating experience to go back to these early entries from SubLogic.

Source: Softline Magazine January-Feb 1984


@SharkaBytes I made this ~15 years ago re: Flight Simulator II and X. Long before the recent FS2020, but still cool, I think. 🙂

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The Daily Press newspaper, Saturday, July 9, 1983.

The movie page.

This was my local newspaper, growing up in Yorktown, Virginia.

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Don't recall where I got this but it's pretty slick.


@thankfulmachine No ISBN, I got this though.

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I'l say again how much I love my 28-inch LG DualUp display. It's almost square, and awesome.

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Craziness. On our trip to Memphis last week, we wandered into this quaint little boutique in midtown called The Wren's Nest. My wife and daughter set about trying on French dresses and such, while I wandered about idly, trying to entertain myself.

As I poked about the shelves, I came upon a display of four extreme-level custom keyboards and I've never found such an out of place treasure, completely out of the blue!

I re-enact my surprise encounter in this short video. Enjoy. 🙂

The owner's son put these together, apparently, including an also awesome board at the POS system on the back desk.

Amazing keyboards!


@GrouchoDuke Yea, I do to. I talked about it at length during the trip, but my wife was not feeling the purchase, sadly... The proprietress told my wife "you should let him get that, he's been in here looking at it a few times!" but - alas... :-)

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Cleaning out my ancient list of bookmarks in Safari, I ran across this. I just love this.

Actors laughing between takes.

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Atop a hotel in Memphis' theater district. Quite a vibe!


@Eggfreckles Let's not get carried away...

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