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Developer of PieFed, a sibling of Lemmy & Kbin.

This profile is from a federated server and may be incomplete. Browse more on the original instance.

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I have not run a Lemmy instance, only a Kbin one. I can't compare directly.

Currently, the CPU load average on piefed.social is 0.50 and it is using 2 GB of ram. There is 6.5 GB of storage used for images (after 4 months of operation).

70 monthly active users, subscribed to 1000+ communities. There is a high amount of federation traffic but not much UI usage.

Until last week this VPS had 2 cores and 4 GB of ram.

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  1. What are the warning signs in your behavior that signal that you are becoming increasingly suicidal?
  2. What are the ways you have available to calm or sooth yourself that might lessen your need to suicide?
  3. What can you do to make the environment safer for you (like getting rid of the means of harming yourself)?
  4. What are reasons for living? Often this one boils down to “Who would be harmed if you were to die?”
  5. Who in your personal life can you talk to about how bad things are?
  6. Who are the healthcare professionals you can call on if things get really bad?

I know what you might be thinking! A lot of people looking at these questions have told me that they can’t see it coming, they don’t know how to sooth themselves, there are no valid reasons for living, they have no friends or people who care about them and that they can’t access healthcare because it is too expensive (which is often true in the profit-obsessed USA unfortunately). Even so, it is worth trying to engage with these questions so as to write out methods and names and resources as well as you can. Even a little bit of hope and a little bit of planning in advance can become critical in a crisis, making the difference between life and death.

A final word about reasons for living. Many times suicidal people have told me that even though they have children or loved ones, that their children will be better off without them alive. Such is the warping influence of the suicidal trance which commonly argues that the suicidal person is and can only be a burden and that children or loved ones will be better off without them. This simply isn’t true. Children get FUCKED UP when their parents commit suicide. Loved ones get FUCKED UP when their loved ones commit suicide. Particularly for children who lose their parents to suicide, the effect is to traumatize them rather permanently for the rest of their lives. I have seen it up close and personal. Nothing I might say can make the influence of the suicidal trance less strong, but at least hear me in that this part of what that trance says is a lie. Nothing good comes of suicide except maybe that your own personal pain is discharged. The others around you will suffer. If you don’t want to contribute to the suffering of others, please consider looking for another way. That other way might be very hard to find or very expensive to access, but when it is life or death, it’s a good investment to make.

General Suicide Information


Suicide Helplines In the USA: call or text 988



Suicide Safety Planning:



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It's not a black and white thing - some reliance on experts is of course necessary.

Google "appeal to authority fallacy", there are many examples.

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Ubuntu has a set of scripts you can run to harden a new server (not advisable on a server that has already been configured for something). You need an Ubuntu Pro subscription to access them but you can get a free trial and then cancel it after you've finished.

More info at https://ubuntu.com/security/cis.

I did this process for a customer recently and it was pretty straightforward and much much more thorough (over 100 configuration changes) than just tweaking SSH and fail2ban.

I expect other commercially-oriented distros offer something similar.

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Telegram, again. It's always Telegram.

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Here are a whole bunch of free online beginner-level politics courses from major universities: https://www.coursera.org/courses?query=politics

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It's too early to say, as the method of accounting for 'active user' changed recently.

Seems to me like Lemmy is "consolidating". Some people are leaving but the community is deepening in norms, understanding, commitment and cohesion. This shows up as better content and discussions all the time. Spam is snuffed out quickly, more communities have better moderators. Our infrastructure is maturing and the software is getting better.

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Public costs, private profits. The usual.

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Often people will not be aware of the rules a community has (they don't read the sidebar or are on mobile where there sidebar is hard to find) OR, as in the case of worldnews@lemmy.ml, the rules are written deceptively and there are many unwritten rules. Having an additional message that is front and center above the 'compose a comment' input field is an attempt to deal with that.

We need alternatives to defederation which is too extreme and total. Mastodon has muting and silencing, for example. I'd like to figure out whatever the threadiverse equivalent of that is - some way to allow access to those who want it while steering naive users away from places where they're going to have a bad time.

rimu, (edited )
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I agree this feature could do with a lot more finesse. Currently it is hardcoded to show on every lemmy.ml community, which is clumsy and over-powered. I'd like features that let the instance admin specify custom messages for any instance and any community.

How this feature is used is then up to the instance admin. They might choose not to have any messages.

With my instance admin hat on - I'd definitely keep this message on worldnews@lemmy.ml as that is the one which regularly caused bewildered posts by people wondering why they were banned. All other communities on that instance seem relatively benign and don't really need a warning.

I'll wait a few more hours to gather more feedback and then make a ticket for this.

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Great idea.

I've been trying to get into fediseer but piefed does not provide the necessary API to let me claim my instance. I think that's what it is - I get an error message "There was an api error: Only admins of that piefed are allowed to claim it. ". Do you have any docs I can look at which might help me know what endpoints I need to make?

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Yes, I have tried to copy Lemmy's /api/v3/site endpoint because I saw a lot of requests to it in the server logs.


Actually I can see a few differences that need tidying up... 'name' is not correct and 'displayName' is missing, for example.

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I've fixed up the name and display_name parts of the JSON, incase that endpoint is the one you're after.

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Ok, I've changed how this works, as discussed. Now only one lemmy.ml community has a warning.

Thanks to cabbage for starting this discussion to resolve it.

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Haha yeah it's brutal at first. There is a wiki for the game with maps containing spoilers - that really helps.

The trick with rabbits is you watch where they're going and position yourself infront of them, so they come closer and closer, with no sideways movement. Then they're easy to hit with a stone.

They don't yield much meat so you need other sources too. Once you find a revolver (check wiki map) it gets a lot easier because then you hunt wolves instead of them hunting you.

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It is very atmospheric and lonely. So well done.

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