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It’s true, I don’t trust most companies housing my data. It’s more valuable than me.

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What if any Fediverse instance's make this DRM that Facebook has, with posts being locked for users not signed in. This can help with those who are scared of AI “taking over” because let's be real, AI just grabs the information you post online. If we do this, would AI “die”?

I don't personally care so to speak, as AI will not care, or sorry, these companies developing the AI LLM's will counter new strategies to obtain PII from websites.


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@unexposedhazard I know, that's why I posted it here.😂

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What is something you can’t live without, technology wise that saves you time?

I have to say it’s my virtual assistant I’ve made. It saves me a lot of time with making reminders and such alarms for meetings or interviews, music etc.


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@spittingimage Google is pretty good at its job, I can say that.

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What Would You Choose?

You are at a bar, someone came up to you and tapped you on the shoulder and whispered in your ear “you shall receive this ability” of which what would you choose you would have forever? I would personally go with talk to animals.


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The fediverse is amazing!

I can’t get over how cool it is to view my posts from any server. I’m definitely going to use activitypub for my social media I’m planning on making. I was going to use @Discourse , but considering it’s like where you are only able to self host and each instance of discourse can’t interconnect makes me kinda sad. But activitypub seems like the only way I feel happy in both ways.


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@MentalEdge ? I’m 🤔 not sure I’m following…

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@lemmyreader @MentalEdge I thought they were confused about me talking about server hosting or sometn related to activitypub.

Also, do most people know of this on fediverse? Jw

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@andrew_s oh, yeah I see that now lol.

I left that “automated” toggle on because I plan on making a, or using my bot I made for mastodon. But the server I originally signed up with (mstdn.ca) doesn’t support API’s. So I just totally forgot about it lol.

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    @tkk13909 I think I meant to use .dev handle. Sorry, I didn’t realize until now. Hope I didn’t cause too much harm…

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    I wish the #Odysee sync was faster, but it is what it is eh…

    I just got a notification from @ordinarygamers from my discord server I setup (it’s kind of a mess ngl) and I normally watch his content on Odysee, just wish it was faster although I believe it takes time as per API requests. Takes time to upload to the LBRY network I believe… @lemmy #syncthing #videohosting #Cryptocurrency #lbry #BlockChain #YouTube

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