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I am taking a moment to express for the fact that there are so many smart, witty, kind, wonderful people here in the to interact with.
I am also grateful that and its many developers give me the tools to effectively shape my experience here.
And I am grateful to @profcarroll for hosting the server I'm on.
This whole scene rocks, is all I'm sayin'. Thank you to everybody who contributes to that.

beardedtechguy, to fediverse
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Good morning #Fediverse.

Getting a late start to the day. I wasn’t feeling good last night and I slept in this morning. Plus yesterday was busy and tiring.

Let’s get our #KoffeeWithKyle chat started and see what we have planned for today.

I just have some things to work on for our #AllThingsTech blog redesign we are working on. Then some schoolwork and relaxing. My wife is going to Lubbock for Mom’s weekend.

#GoodMorning #HappySaturday

inzaghi89, to android Polish
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Czy poza Tusky jest jakaś lekka, wygodna alternatywa na Appke do masto? Momentami tusky mi się wykrzacza bez powodu. #android #fediverse

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I must groom, we are expecting guests.

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DeborahLeagueFineArt, to food
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DeborahLeagueFineArt, to photography
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Good morning and happy ! - Listen, this ain’t no or here, no billionaires or VCs. This is a community run social network by people like you and me.

Those recent attacks may have seriously run up your instance’s bills this month so please consider donating to your server’s admin. Unlike the oligopoly, it’s just you and me making this happen.

Check your server to see how you can support your local instance!


cliffwade, to fediverse
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Good morning and happy Saturday!

It's the weekend so let's all comment below with our weekend plans and what we're all going to do.

For me, I'll be having lunch with my cousin and her two daughters and my wife. My cousin and I haven't seen each other since Thanksgiving, so that will be nice.

The rest of the day will likely just be relaxing and laying on the new couch to catch up on some TV shows we're behind on.

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Found 4 new servers and 11 servers died off since 3 hours ago.

23,835 servers checked. 13,887,991 Total Users with 1,665,645 Active Users today. Check out the stats!

New servers found:

lemmy.janiak.cc a server from Poland
fish.weme.wtf a server from United States
sns.mouii.net a server from Private
petbutler.club a server from Private

Help others find a home, send them to fediverse.observer

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The is full of secrets. Why does the Blobcat drink coffee :blobcatcoffee: but not the Blobhai? :BlobhajReach:

And how did they come together in evolution? :BlobhajHugFullBody:

Questions upon questions that still need to be resolved by science. :catjam:

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thomholwerda, to random
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Apple users

@tivasyk@mastodon.social avatar

@thomholwerda why? and how would that be ethical?

please get me right: i myself avoid apple products, services and ideology as much as possible; and the question of the other reader about why would apple «vassals» want the freedom of the in the first place being ok with the kind of slavery they have willingly paid their money to get into. still, how would banning them be ethical?

papablue, to fediverse
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Smokey Ford - Soul Water (RELAXING SWAMP BLUES MUSIC) https://youtube.com/watch?v=q-em8klIiNk&si=JsyPqNYuTH8efFPJ
... along the 🗝️
what was once domicile
is now home
thinking to rescue a tiny kitten
it was she who rescued me 🐾
Happy Caturday 🐘💫 🎶


shalien, to fediverse
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Hours since last drama : 0

fediverseobserver, to fediverse

Found 2 new servers and 9 servers died off since 3 hours ago.

23,834 servers checked. 13,887,991 Total Users with 1,665,645 Active Users today. Check out the stats!

New servers found:

sns.mouii.net a server from Private
petbutler.club a server from Private

Help others find a home, send them to fediverse.observer

kubikpixel, to cryptocurrency
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The is secure because it is encrypted and developed by professionals. OK, admittedly that's largely true, but then my in plummets. Why do you ask me, yes then I suggest @web3isgreat.
I know many here in the already know about but I keep sending it to capital believers. The same for @twitterisgoinggreat (inactive since the #X / takeover of ), both operated by @molly0xfff.

🔥 https://www.web3isgoinggreat.com

RafaelSalazar, to fediverse
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'Gaze Mosaic: Faces of Wonder,' where a myriad of expressions converges into a tapestry of curiosity. ©️2024 by Rafael Salazar
Find me here: https://rafaelsalazar.com/featured/gaze-mosaic-rafael-salazar.html
#fediart #fediverse #BuyIntoArt #art #artmatters #mastoart #mastoartist #mosaic #fedigiftshop #artist #thehashtagteam #ayearforart

fxgibbons, to fediverse
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In a recent episode of This Week in Google, @jeffjarvis cites Wikipedia, Craigslist Reddit and WordPress as examples of the web done fairly right. I think Mastodon and the Fediverse also have a chance to be long term examples of the web done right.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0283D0zZTfE (33:20)

#webdoneright #jeffjarvis #ThisWeekInGoogle #fediverse #mastodon

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The has passed 10 million users according to https://fedidb.org/

Likewise, to photography
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Breathe. It’s the weekend.

JCO has long been a favorite of mine. I’ve read a few of her books, but she has a ton, so I’ll probably never get to them all. She writes literary fiction, that usually runs a bit (or a lot) on the darker side. Her books tell stories of ordinary people in ordinary lives, & she’s so good at it. She has written many short story collections if that’s more your style, check those out. Breathe is one of her newer books that I’ve yet to read. Currently she is 85 & is still teaching at several universities.

toonie, to fediverse
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Got a question:
Why can some people just follow me but others I have to ‘approve’? Does it mean my fedi host has a different level of trust of other fedi hosts on my behalf?
(For the record I don’t care who follows me… I think 😛)

anneapplebaum, to random
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@HeavenlyPossum @anneapplebaum
You “anarchist” are the ones with the most childish and stupid takes here in the . I’m starting to have patience with some of you but not you.

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