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Digital and software freedom/rights advocate from Slovenia, Europe. Also a member of the Pirate party. You can find me on Mastodon: @JRepin

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Khronos Releases OpenXR 1.1 to Further Streamline Cross-Platform XR Development (www.khronos.org)

The Khronos® Group, an open consortium of industry-leading companies creating advanced interoperability standards, announces the immediate availability of the OpenXR™ 1.1 specification. This release evolves the widely adopted OpenXR open API standard for high-performance, cross-platform access to VR, AR, and mixed reality...

Genocide in Gaza: Enabled by AI, powered by Big Tech (www.aljazeera.com)

The algorithms that Big Tech designed - and the genocide they assisted. The Listening Post explores how Israel’s killing campaign of Palestinians has relied on artificial intelligence to choose its targets. A dystopian nightmare serves as a marketing campaign for technology flawed by design, and deepens the global digital...

TUXEDO Sirius 16 Gen2 All-AMD Linux Gaming Laptop Gets Faster Ryzen 7 8845HS CPU (9to5linux.com)

TUXEDO Sirius 16 Gen2 is here with a faster processor (APU), namely the AMD Ryzen 7 8845HS with 8 cores, 16 threads, 24 MB cache, up to 5,1 GHz clock speed, and AMD Radeon 780M integrated graphics. However, the discrete graphics card is unchanged from the first generation, namely the AMD Radeon RX 7600M XT graphics card based on...

To understand the risks posed by AI, follow the money (theconversation.com)

There is one class of AI risk that is generally knowable in advance. These are risks stemming from misalignment between a company’s economic incentives to profit from its proprietary AI model in a particular way and society’s interests in how the AI model should be monetised and deployed. The surest way to ignore such...

Don’t Be Fooled: Much “AI” is Just Outsourcing, Redux (www.techpolicy.press)

The promise of AI, for corporations and investors, is that companies can increase profits and productivity by slashing their reliance upon a skilled human workforce. But as this story and many others show, AI is just today’s buzzword for “outsourcing,” and it comes with the same problems that have plagued outsourced...

Surveillance as a Service: The Global Impact of Israeli “Defense” Technologies on Privacy and Human Rights (blog.torproject.org)

Highlighting, exposing, and actively working against the proliferation and normalization of surveillance technology is crucial in protecting human rights worldwide. At the Tor Project, we know that it is through collective awareness and action that we can all build and contribute to privacy-preserving technologies that aim to...

The Miseducation of Kara Swisher (thebaffler.com)

Silicon Valley was supposed to be “different,” or so veteran tech journalist Kara Swisher wanted to believe. Facebook was going to bring people together, in the process strengthening our communities, our democracies, our world; Google was going to deliver the vast stores of human knowledge to our fingertips; Tesla was going...

Embedding the Servo Web Engine in Qt (www.kdab.com)

While the task of writing a brand new standard-compliant browser engine is infamous as being almost unachievable nowadays (and certainly so with Chromium coming in at 31 million lines of code), the Rust ecosystem has been brewing up a new web rendering engine called Servo. Initially created by Mozilla in 2012, Servo is still...

Apples4Ceasefire: Apple Employees Request Ceasefire Recognition (www.apples4ceasefire.com)

"We, current and previous employees of Apple Inc., wish to express our disappointment and shock at the lack of care and understanding this company has given the Palestinian community, not only abroad suffering in Gaza, but also towards our own team members and anyone who supports them within our stores and offices. "

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That would be huge improvement. They could even make it look and act almost as restrictively as GNOME is since KDE Plasma is so flexible and configurable so it can easily mimic GNOME or any other desktop out there. And from there one they could slowly start unlocking the full power of KDE Plasma desktop.

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