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Some reason it never crossed my mind that someone could run their own instance on their own hardware and not like a cloud provider. That’s super cool!


Isn’t admitting more students to medical schools a good thing? Or am I missing something?

JohnWorks, (edited )

I used to tip everytime when I got food to-go but recently I’ve completely stopped on to-go orders for 2 reasons.

  1. It was getting annoying how much money it just keeps adding onto what should be a smallish purchase
  2. I didn’t realize until recently that if you tip through the card scanner or online or whatever the company that made the scanner or online processing takes a part of the tip. I didn’t tip for you card processor I tipped for the employee.
JohnWorks, (edited )

Yeah I’m getting the same thing on mine as an unlimited user. I think it’s a bug since the window goes back even after I click maybe later.

Edit: the popup is gone today so it probably was a bug.


The biggest issue here is there’s only one thing in that list I’d consider a subscription and that’s the data connectivity. Especially in a Tesla where there’s no option to have Android auto or apple carplay then the only ways you can stream audio would be through Bluetooth so no options to change anything other than skip and replay the songs in a playlist. I don’t particularly mind there being a one time cost for most of those features even though they’re ridiculously expensive but the worst of it is on Ford, GM and Stalantis.

Those 3 manufacturers (and maybe more? I’m not sure) have subscriptions for their self driving functions which are included in the car and already paid for. These functions are processed on the car so this is nothing more than a digital lock to features that are already included in the car price.


The article summary bot helps my lazy ass lol


Oh boy another subscription based self driving service. It’s still insane to me that all the self driving processing is done on the car and I would need to subscribe just to use a feature that’s already installed in the car.


I’ll keep using it until they no longer let me, I guess. Pretty sure OMV and TrueNAS have matured enough to fall to if unRAID decides to go full subscription, at least.


I’m actually not sure how much they care other than it works, is not software locked, and the glass and frame isn’t cracked. I’ve traded in perfect devices and sometimes it’ll go through fine and other times I’ll have to contact support and it usually goes like:

Hey I traded in my device and you’re charging me back

Ok one moment… Ok we’re cancelling the charge back thank you.

Ok cool thank you

And everything is fine.


Honestly from what I’ve seen on YouTube videos it looks like Japanese food/restaurants costs less to the customer

Mozilla downsizes as it refocuses on Firefox and AI: Read the memo | TechCrunch (

Specifically, Mozilla plans to scale back its investment in a number of products, including its VPN, Relay and, somewhat remarkably, its Online Footprint Scrubber, which launched only a week ago. Mozilla will also shut down Hubs, the 3D virtual world it launched back in 2018, and scale back its investment in its


This sucks to hear as I’ve been paying for their relay service for a while now. I’m wondering if I should work to transfer all emails over to another service…

I was also considering signing up for Mozilla monitor, but now I’m not so sure if it’s just gonna get canned soon or not.


That’s fair I would’ve used it more for supporting Mozilla and because I trust them with that data.

JohnWorks, (edited )

Do you have a source for this? I’ve tried looking up anything online to see if this is something Samsung started to do but couldn’t find anything. I am also seeing 3rd party batteries available on Amazon for the a32 5g.

Here’s an example that seems to have good reviews. Couldn’t find anything in the reviews that say the battery needed to be paired.

Edit: battery said it wasn’t for a32 5g here’s another


Looking though that it looks like Samsung made a comment

Samsung’s representative stated:

“I’m unfamiliar with the specific variables that could have come into play with this repair or the unsubstantiated comments from Mr. Jeffrey. What I can tell you is that there is no requirement to pair parts on our smartphones. If a repair were conducted correctly, a device would not lose functionality.”

I was checking to see if anyone made any additional comments on the Hugh Jeffreys video and someone said they replaced the screen but kept the fingerprint sensor and it still worked fine. I believe replacing the battery with a 3rd party option should still have the device working fine.

Hugh left a comment on the video as well:


I just recently got projectivity but didn’t need to buy it to set as default.

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