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“If there were an Oscar for best theatrical performance by a country, Israel would win every year. It’s a country based on theater. It’s a lunatic state - completely insane”.

Norman Finkelstein

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Palestine became a state party to the Rome Statute in 2015 & the Prosecutor has been investigating the situation for years. The ICC has jurisdiction when the “conduct in question” was committed on the territory of a state party or by a national of a state party (art 12(2) RS).

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It is still super hard to get

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You are right, I haven’t checked for a while, I thought it was still unavailable. I ordered one yesterday.

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US companies internationally will still struggle though. Might even make the US car market even more of a galapagos.

Python is great, but stuff like this just drives me up the wall (lemmy.world)

Explanation: Python is a programming language. Numpy is a library for python that makes it possible to run large computations much faster than in native python. In order to make that possible, it needs to keep its own set of data types that are different from python’s native datatypes, which means you now have two different...

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Why use bool when you can use int?

just never true 0

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At this rate Saudi Arabia will beat Japan on EVs. A very big claim but I have cause to believe it.

PanArab, (edited )
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Lucid already started making EVs in Saudi Arabia. And they also have investments in Human Horizons and an EV manufacturing deal with Hyundai.

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It is if you needed to collect taxes and wanted a way to measure 📐

How Zionism became a synonym for violence and oppression (www.theguardian.com)

For decades, Joe Biden has proudly declared that he is a Zionist, and he has repeated that claim since Hamas’s 7 October attacks on Israel. But for the student anti-war protests gripping the US, the words “Zionist” and “Zionism” have become a watchword – pejorative and emblematic of the violent state policies driving...

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