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How reliable is Fetterman on climate? The Pennsylvania Democrat’s stance on the EPA tailpipe rule is alarming greens. A Fetterman aide says an “all-of-the-above” approach is needed (

If you’re in Pennsylvania, and want to make sure the EPA vehicle emissions rule is protected, give his office a call at (202) 224-4254


in February, Fetterman expressed concern about the Biden administration’s decision to halt liquefied natural gas exports, saying he would lobby against the pause “if this decision puts Pennsylvania energy jobs at risk.”

And in more support of Manchin’s op-ed, Fetterman posted on social media, “We don’t have to grovel to evil nations like Russia or terrorism backers in the Middle East for our energy. Energy security is national security” — borrowing more conservative rhetoric on energy issues.

Well that’s disappointing, to put it mildly.


They switched it for me, and can confirm, absolutely hate it.

License Free, Encrypted, Off-Grid, Decentralized Mesh Network Comms: A full guide on how to get started with LoRa devices and Meshtastic (

This seems like a great technology to build resiliency and redundancy in a community, especially for places where cell service is spotty, or in the odd event where normal lines of communication are blocked....

ProdigalFrog, (edited )

LoRa is, as far as I know, legal to use in most countries without a license, and do not broadcast on HAM frequencies.

ProdigalFrog, (edited )

There’s a plethora of affordable ebikes available in the US. The Lectric Lite is $800, while the bigger and more utility oriented Lectric XP 3.0 is $1000. The Andsky S700 and Ride1up Portola compete with it at the same price.


Ah, you’re quite right. I think I misinterpreted the description. Title updated to reflect that. ^^


The creator unfortunately did not write an article.

If you’re on a device that allows it (I know Apple doesn’t, unfortunately), I’d highly recommend installing Unblock Origin to avoid ever watching ads.


Food as an industrial product can barely feed the people we have.

Globally, we produce more than enough food to feed everyone, if there is any struggle to feed others, it is generally due to either artificial scarcity or inability to transport it where it is needed.


I understand you have a preference for written information, which is entirely understandable.

I personally feel this video is quite information dense, and explains his ideas and concepts with no filler. If you feel it’s wasting your time, then I would recommend skipping it for sure. No harm in that. :)


Looks like the gif link doesn’t work, so I had to replace it with a static image. :(


That didn’t occur to me when I posted it, but I suppose you’re right. I’ll take it down.

ProdigalFrog, (edited )

I can say it supports Lemmy clients and can talk to other Lemmy instances but I have no way of know what the state of the actual running back end is. It could be compromised, exiflitrating data, puppeting my account, etc whatever it wants to do. If the instance admin wanted to they can configure however they want and my only option is to leave.

I’m no expert on servers, so correct me if I’m wrong here, but I’m assuming the blockchain would essentially just list the status of various administrative things on the system, like how the firewall is set up or what ports are open, and users would be able to vote on changing individual settings?

They could do a straw poll but it’s ultimately at their discretion. A straw poll puts the users as counsol too the ones in charge. It does hold anyone accountable.

Surely that’s only within certain limitations? Like if your users collectively voted with the DAO to host illegal material, and that was automatically put through, the server owner would ultimately be responsible for continuing to host that material, and presumably would take action to stop it regardless of the DAO.

So the owner ultimately still has to monitor what the users are doing on the DAO, and intervening if need be.

The funding streamlining would come from the fact that the DAO can own wallets and make periodic payments based on what was voted on or create multisig wallets for sub teams to manage their own budgets given to them by the DAO.

So a user would need to be tech-savvy enough to set up an account with an exchange to convert their real money into crypto and send it to the correct wallet (which I suspect is more prone to error than using Librapay).

Compare this a traditional a setup where to schedule payments that group agreed upon, where a vote would have to be held, then the decision sent to accounting to then sent to a bank to then sent to the target wallet. Each one of those hand off introducing the possibility of confusion or obfuscation.

I feel like all of those processes happening via crypto would, if anything, increase obfuscation. I guess theoretically, it does remove the steps of the sysadmin needing to move crypto between wallets, but if the end-goal of the vote is to send money somewhere that’s not on the chain, wouldn’t that mean the owner of the managed account would need to manually convert the crypto out of an exchange and into a regular bank account to then be sent to the final destination account?

With such widespread fraud and history of insecurities in crypto exchanges, I feel like the admin would be trading a minor inconvenience of not needing to do some minor administrative work in exchange for much bigger potential headaches.

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