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Modernizing an Ender 3

I’ve recently returned to the hobby, after some lifestyle changes brought on by the pandemic. It’s been a lot of fun catching up on the latest developments, like the emergence of Bambu, etc. My printer is an Ender 3 from Sainsmart, bought in late 2019. I’m guessing it’s one of the earliest hardware revisions. I printed a...

I printed and painted a Gonk Droid from StarWars (discuss.tchncs.de)

I needed a presence sensor for my home office, so I took a Gonk Droid model from Printables, hollowed it out using negative modifiers in PrusaSlicer and then spent waaaay too long painting and grunging it up I also manually wrapped wires around the legs to give it a bit more visual interest. Inside is a Pico W, a mmWave sensor...

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