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A postgraduate in philosophy, politics, and jurisprudence, now employed at a small book publishing firm. I have interests in ancient history, cross-cultural dialogue, religion, mysticism, and psychoanalysis.

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I don’t think burying this and pretending it didn’t happen is helpful when Jews around the world are telling us right now that they are terrified and under attack

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The PLO and Fatah both recognise the state of Israel and its right to exist, have given up armed struggle, and signed the Oslo Accords with Israel, accepting a peaceful political pathway to a two state solution.

Russia demands €4,2 million as compensation from Norway for 40 deer staying on its territory for two months (thebarentsobserver.com)

The reindeer from Norway came to the reserve in December 2022 after crossing the border on the frozen Pasvik River. The animals were spotted by camera traps, according to Natalia Polikarpova, director of the Pasvik Nature Reserve in Russia’s Murmansk region. Two months later, the reindeer were transferred back to Norway.

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Why does Russia think anyone cares what it says at this point? Until the war ends, nobody is required to do anything for Russia.

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Nothing but respect for my country deciding to impose economic sanctions on itself 🫡

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