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Finally deleted my reddit account after the AI news. What communities do you recommend on lemmy?

Ive been on reddit for more than a decade. Kinda bittersweet, but its not the first time I have moved on from an internet site. I just cant support reddit and sucking up all my posts for AI purposes. Feels terrible and spammy. Ive been a reddit premium holder for many many years....

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Aside from the general recommendations, I’ve had the most fun finding stuff I’m into and posting/commenting to build a little momentum in the communities.

Most recently I’ve been into chess, so I’ve been fairly active in !anarchychess and !chess

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It’s really refreshing. Like jumping back into the late 00s.

I didn’t realize how much I missed Jon’s style of humor and commentary.

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not very active

Maybe potential users simply can’t see themselves interacting there.

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