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The Gamer's Tavern - Is it really time to say goodbye to Aloy? (live.gamerstavern.online)

The Gamer’s Tavern The Gamer’s Tavern is a cozy place where you can rest and have fun with others gamers. This channel main goal is to provide gamers a place to keep in touch and play together and heck, why not, form a community.

Protecting user content and data on Lemmy

I see talk here and there about how any company or individual can easily use anything we post on Lemmy however they want. This could include AI training, behavior analysis, or user profiling. With the recent news of Reddit data being sold and licensed for AI training, I thought this would be a great time to preemptively discuss...

I felt Essential Keto Gummies would do this forever

If you've ever wondered as that respects Essential Keto Gummies, stick around. Quit bustin' my chops! Can somebody else feel the love for Promotes improved sleep quality.? This is only going to help habitual readers out in the long term. In many instances, you'll get something out of Facilitates an enhancement of the ketosis...

Maybe you've noticed Decrease cravings for junk food

Doesn't it shock you to suspect in respect to Decrease cravings for junk food this way? You'll be giving yourself a raise. It's where we've been these past 6 decades and it has been ugly. These methodologies were embedded into Reduces unwanted hunger pangs. You may guess that I'm off my rocker. I feel that I am just not ready to...

Suggestion/bug report: favorites are sorted confusingly

So I recently doomscrolled imaginarystarships, and saved a few posts I liked. When I wanted to revisit those I discovered that saved posts are sorted by when they were originally posted, not when I saved them, causing some of the older images I saved to be very far down the list. This is very annoying to deal with if you (like...

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