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If that ain’t white privilege I don’t know what is


I did make this btw. But it’s just in my folder of images. Pretty sure it was a misinterpretation that turned into a happy accident.


Wow, I thought it was another story about the first one.

PSA: advanced markdown in Sync for Lemmy is broken (spoilers, etc.) and will only appear to work properly to other Sync users.

For example. >!if you’re on Sync this looks like it works!< but it’s actually using reddit style markdown, not Lemmy’s so anyone using the site or other apps will see the text immediately without it being obscured. Same for superscripts for another example. Sync will just insert ^ in front of the text (^like ^this ) but...


Actual Lemmy spoilers should look like this

warning text/context goes here.Spoiler content here

Which kinda works in Sync but it’s janky. The warning text/context is completely hidden along with the spoiler itself.


Not anymore it’s not. It was all removed by admins (meaning we still don’t know if the dev or community mod even noticed) and now I have a 2 day ban despite being no where near the most egregious lol.

Anyway, this isn’t the place to ask this.

Go ask at !support if you feel so inclined.


This is decade’s old practice. Remember headline space used to actual have to fit on real papsr.


Why delete the original post with the discussion?


someone is paying attention

Please just fix title breaking SwiftKey and at least delete reddit spoiler markup.

can, (edited )
can, (edited )

I wonder why moms care

Is that why they baby us?

Edit: guys, this was a joke about a typo


That was OP’s main issue but in the comments many of us pointed out others before it was removed.


It’s been another three months. Are we due?

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