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Added you.

And no, I post every one manually. I do use schedule.lemmings.world to schedule them in advance and automatically pin/unpin though. Unfortunately we still don’t have any advanced tools in Lemmy yet. Thanks for volunteering!

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I actually never ate this growing up either. But will definitely be trying it out soon.

Clarification on meme posts and Marvel-adjacent (not directly Marvel Studios).

I got a couple reports on the meme post about the Madame Web movie so I wanted to post some clarification on what’s allowed in this community. Community rule 4 states: Shitposts and memes are allowed until they prove to be a problem. It hasn’t been a problem and we rarely ever get meme posts at all so even if it “low...

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Leon is such a good movie. One of the first of the Oldman unhinged performances I can remember.

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The only thing I’ve liked her in was the Suspiria remake. It was surprisingly pretty good.

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