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Time Lord. Agile Coach, User Experience designer, and software developer. Designing the human experience all around. :)

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itsjoshbruce, to webdev
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One of the nice things about being able to write software is when a software company (or series of them) frustrate me enough, I can just write my own.

The drawback is actually doing it.

I’m glad I’m not a data hoarder. Trapped into using software because, “They have all my data!”

I guess we’re back in software mode…unless…

You know of a completely standalone bookkeeping application that doesn’t suck (no account connection needed).

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@jbrains: Sorry it’s taken a minute…that was a great rabbit hole I just fell down!

I appreciate the ethos behind the solution. Very inspiring.

soundwarrior20, to accessibility

Hi everyone, have a question :-) does anybody have any recommendation for accessible platform style games on macOS or iOS? Thanks everyone :-)

itsjoshbruce, (edited )
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@soundwarrior20 @joelanman: I’m big on consent and opting in, so I won’t add the tags here. It might be helpful to get more reach to add the: “accessibility” and “gaming” tags to your original post.

polotek, to random
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Oh no. 😂

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@polotek: In DC’s defense, outside of the movies, the only time I paid attention to Superman the comic was when they did that.

It was the newspaper article on what happened and why. lol

I still didn’t buy (and haven’t bought) a book.

SilverEagle, to random
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In my free and open-source software, on the main dashboard a small message occasionally appears noting that we're FOSS software and we depend on donations. We made this because our donations have been steadily decreasing despite our audience and costs increasing.

Since then, we get lots of requests for how to turn the "annoying" message off.

Our response is always the same: we don't provide support in helping you hide the fact that our software is open-source and donation-based, but if you're resourceful enough, you can remove that message via custom CSS, which we do support.

Today I got an unusual reply: "Thank you for not providing assistance"

lmao so not only do you want to rob me of credit and support for the immensely complex software I just give away for free but now you want to be an asshole to me directly about it?

Another one for the pile of (at least for now, banned) users who need to learn how to talk to open-source maintainers.

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@SilverEagle: Part of me is thankful other people don’t use the things I create.

itsjoshbruce, to webdev
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I guess I’ll finally get around to implementing continuous deployment for my website projects. Mainly because Becca and I plan to start building out and writing content for The Irreverent Agilists: https://the-irreverent-agilists.com

Still avoiding building an admin panel for the win. It still surprises me how little code even a dynamically generated website needs when you remove the admin panel. Web 1.0 is fascinating in the 21st century.

sarah, to random
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I understand accidents happen in war zones.

But when your troops consistently kill people who are hungry or trying to feed those who are hungry, your “it was an accident” pleas start feeling a bit hollow.

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@afilina @sarah: Etymology nerd has entered the chat…technically Goldfinger, but there are variations: https://journal.monissa.com/once-is-an-accident-origins-of-or-not/

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collinsworth, to random
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Missouri is the Florida of the Midwest.

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@collinsworth: Very proud of that arch. I avoid I-70 if I can and need to drive through St. Louis.

Not sure about the Florida reference, but the first tell is when the pronunciation is that close to “misery” there’s bound to be issues.

itsjoshbruce, (edited ) to random
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Note to future me: You are glad you stopped using Homebrew, and never left it installed when you did.

ramsey, to random
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“First of all, the world owes Andres unlimited free beer. He just saved everybody’s arse in his spare time. I am not joking.”


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itsjoshbruce, (edited )
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@ramsey @afilina: Sorry, that was my bad. Yes just not in that repo when I posted apparently (was in the 8fold OC) - it’s there now.

I’m planning on listing services that can help make it easier as well (PRs welcome and all that)…things like OC and Thanks.Dev: https://thanks.dev/home

[Update] Also planning to make it more generic re organization name. (That’s why it wasn’t there yet.)

syntaxseed, to DnD
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Can anyone recommend a program for sketching out maps for #TTRPGs. Not necessarily gridded maps to play on.... but say I want to make a map of the country side or a city?

Something with pre loaded icons for things like mountains & forests. Where I can draw lakes & roads & label POIs?

#cartography #DnD #Gaming

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@syntaxseed: I played around with World Anvil, but other things disturbed my practice with it - https://www.worldanvil.com

ayo, to accessibility
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Will probably be hated for this… why do #accessibility advocates often come off as preachy when I hear them talk? To the point that they will say (at times indirectly) that they care for people and others don’t… I get that it could be a frustrating field, but sometimes devs just need educating—admittedly including me 🙋‍♂️

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@jaded_jouska @ayo: This resonates with me as viable.

Feels like I’ve had the same conversations since circa 2000.

I worked in a call center once. No matter how often I was asked the same question or asked to pull up the same information I reminded myself that I hadn’t said it to that specific person.

And…20 years is a long time to be saying the same stuff - pointing to the same references - about the same underlying tech. Inde. clients, gov’t agencies, corps, and other devs (new and old). 1/

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@jaded_jouska @ayo: It’s a fair question and observation.

And, the most oft offered counter is: The references are old and no longer relevant or applicable.

And yet, here we are.

Talking about the importance of adding alt text to images…


Which is a pretty low bar, and only marginally more effort than choosing a semantically appropriate HTML element.



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@jaded_jouska @ayo: A member of the credit union called ca. 2003. She had recently become blind. She said my site (and artwork) was beautiful (and easy to navigate).

Best compliment I’ve received to date.


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@jaded_jouska @ayo:

ps. And that’s just web development. Now include hardware considerations (including elevators, stairs, ramps, crosswalks, et al) and multiply it by 100s of years. And, yeah, it can start feeling like a single torch being passed instead of more torches being lit.

afilina, to random
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This looks suspiciously similar to azjezz/psl, just with a different API. It even has the same name: PHP Standard Library.

The PHP community would be better if devs worked together instead of copying and re-branding someone else's work. Credit to azjezz for the original PSL.

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@afilina: I’m starting to feel this way about a lot of things in tech (and tech-adjacent) fields at the moment.

Agile frameworks: We invented a new way of working. Write down what needs doing, revisit the list of things, and do the most important thing. We call it 10x BS!

(You mean a todo list??)

Nope. Totally different.

The key isn’t to create. The key is to look back 30 years and rename what was always there, without referencing the source. Pretty sure this was always the way.

davew, to random
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The reason it's nice to have old people around is that we don't care about the future in a personal way, so we might just tell you the truth.

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@davew: Pretty sure historians and philosophers fall in this camp as well, regardless of age. :)

Crell, (edited ) to random
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Here's an ethical question. My investment advisor is recommending a fund that invests in biotech and . Biotech fine, but AI? Is that ethical to invest in?

Its no oil or guns. And AI has potential legit highly valuable uses in medical and environmental research, so it's more legit than blockchain or metaverse nonsense. But it'd also bring used for seriously scary shit, like undermining the very concept of truth itself.

I dunno. Does the hive mind have thoughts on if AI can be ?

itsjoshbruce, (edited )
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@Crell: Do you have an investment policy statement? https://joshbruce.com/essays-and-editorials/finances/investment-policies/

If you do and it doesn’t cover this question, maybe revisit.

Years ago Moby gave an interview. He mentioned getting pushback for allowing his music in car commercials. His retort was that if a company wanted to pay X to use the music and he gave half to causes that offset the negative impact, he was maintaining balance.

For me, it means not concentrating/chasing a sector, and shopping at small and local as possible.

augieray, to random
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Cool new risk assessment tool. Called ARIA (Airborne Risk Indoor Assessment), it comes from . (Look, they say it's airborne--finally.) 😆
It asks for LOTS of info (date, nation and city, Enter temp, humidity, dimensions of room, occupancy, duration, assumed number of attendees infected, if you've been vaccinated, etc.) and provides an estimate of risk:


itsjoshbruce, (edited )
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@augieray @Crell: And the front-end web developers start looking for a different acronym. (Naming things is hard.)


Also, good to know!

grmpyprogrammer, to random
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Maybe I should just go back and do more Python stuff so I can be ready for my future “prompt engineer” roles

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@grmpyprogrammer: Feel like maybe I should start learning how to actually use a Terminal. It’s the same thing, yeah?

polotek, to random
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Open ended question. Do you have any investments besides stocks/bonds? Why did you get into them? Do you have a strategy, or was it more happenstance? If you have a strategy for investments, I'd like to hear about that too.

(Without judgment. It's okay to say cryptocurrency. But I will not be engaging directly with that topic.)

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@polotek: ESG and local/private investing??

Vicki Robin (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vicki_Robin) talked about using a LION (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_Investing_Opportunity_Network).

Is the desire to help regardless of reach, or is reach more important (star fish)?

No judgement either way, just something worth considering. I invest broadly in NYSE, then spend mostly at small local cooperatives. A non-LION alternative to a straight LION approach, while helping locally (my sphere of control and influence).

jitterted, to random
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Took me almost 2 hours to finally wrangle some HTML into what I wanted. It's frustrating only because I don't do CSS from scratch very often and there's so many tiny little things one has to know separately and how they work together.

Luckily the browser tools have gotten good enough to provide quick feedback along with help for grid and flex layouts. Juggling align-content and justify-content and so on is so much easier with immediate feedback.

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@jitterted: Guess I’ll reinstall Twitch. lol

itsjoshbruce, to random
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Part 9 of Time: Mastering the Mundane has been made available for purchase on Leanpub: https://leanpub.com/master-the-mundane

Part 9 is about Collaboration, which often gets conflated with Delegation (Part 7).

Contribute to this project on the Open Collective: https://opencollective.com/mastering-the-mundane/projects/book-mastering-the-mundane

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Part 15 of Time: Mastering the Mundane has been made available for purchase on Leanpub: https://leanpub.com/master-the-mundane

Part 15 is covers the last “Wait, but why?” topics and is the final Part released. The first pass of the print manuscript is complete and audiobook recording starts tomorrow.

Then mass-distribution begins!

Contribute to this project on the Open Collective: https://opencollective.com/mastering-the-mundane/projects/book-mastering-the-mundane

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