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Inb4 shitlibs tell me the Quincy Institute is Russian agitprop

Sinking feeling: Is the AUKUS plan feasible? (

AUKUS is something of a phenomenon. The bombshell announcement at 7am on September 15, 2021, must rank as one of the most spectacular policy coups in Australia’s history. Though details were scarce, it was immediately and almost universally acclaimed as a triumph. Internationally, too, it has been a sensation, seen as...

Alexei Navalny was pronounced dead (

As reported exclusively by russian sources at the moment, he lost consciousness after a walking hour and prison medics were unsuccessful in reanimating him, as per sources in УФСИН (government body regulating prisons and punishment). He was 47 years old at that time. The last time he was heard of he was moved from...


Muslims are cockroaches, Crimea deserved it, deep nationalism.

Basically, fascism with a 21st century coat of paint.


Scholz is trying to cover for his own inability to discuss Germany history stretching back more than 80 years.


If that were the case then Germany wouldn’t be supporting Israel.


And yet still blatantly in support of genocide.


You’re arguing the current German administration isn’t supporting the genocide in Gaza? Genocide is a part of the German identity.


So your claim is that Germany is actually in support of Palestinians? Odd, that.


So your claim is that Germany isn’t supporting Israel, and that Israel isn’t conducting a genocide?


This time on shit Israel says

“Hamas has tentacles all over the UN”

“Hamas is puppeteering world leaders to support terrorism”

“Hamas is using it’s control of the financial and judicial systems to avoid persecution”

“Hamas controls the media that’s demonizing Israel”


Chunwan is the most watched television show in the world, garnering more than a billion viewers each year. It’s the pride and joy of China’s flagship CCTV television network and highlights the best of China to ring in the new year.


I don’t suppose you’d see how you’re sampling from a very biased set?

There’s no arguing that, at some point, Xinjiang’s per-capita prison rate was roughly on par with that of Black Americans. I’m not going to deny that. It’s a clear indicator of racial prejudice and discrimination. Are they still alive? Yes. Do they still have a unique and distinctly non-Han culture? Yes. Is that culture celebrated in the most viewed televised event in the world? Also, yes.

I’m not going to pretend that there’s no racism in China, but let’s not make mountains out of molehills when there’s a real, tangible, documented genocide going on that the West completely ignores when Israel uses the same justification of “terrorism.”


The Wahabbi interpretation of Sharia law in Saudi Arabia maintains that acts of homosexuality should be disciplined in the same way as adultery - with death by stoning. Homosexuality or nonconformant gender expression can also be punished by corporal punishment, flogging, imprisonment or forced ‘conversion’ therapy.

This isn’t unusual in the Middle East. There’s a number of reasons for this (mostly based on colonialism and imperialism by more powerful players), but this is unfortunately the status quo.


They literally were negotiating at the start of the war for this exact outcome: Russia pulls out and Ukraine maintains neutrality.

Johnson threw a wrench in those plans.


“found dead” along with paramedics and a burned out ambulance. WHO KILLED THEM, THE GUARDIAN?

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