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i honestly prefer that. People can use two services and the fediverse won’t centralize. Win-Win. Don’t you think?

  1. When smaller instances thrive and attract a dedicated user base, they can challenge the dominance of larger platforms like Meta. This poses a threat to Meta’s business model, which relies on maintaining a large user base and monetizing user data and engagement.
  2. Elon suspended accounts of Journalists. Do you not see that the lizard king can do the same with small instances. And this will happen silently and the users on Threads will be unaware.

The fediverse will grow on it’s features and focus on transparency.

Growth by corporate funding, users and funding will make the entire thing centralized and it dies anyway.

Nobody will use if the “Threads app does the same thing but faster”.

Majority of the people unfortunately don’t care about privacy and transparency.


no sir :) i am not aware who that is.


i’ll stop using internet if firefox dies.


The meme sub is spearheading the migration!

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