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What’s the problem?


I think Plasma is the default desktop environment now, but I still use Trinity because it was the only DE in older versions and I’m so used to it.


The developers are quite active in the forum, too, and often reply to posts there.


The idea is to make the transition from Windows to Linux easier.

However, you can change things around to make the DE look completely different from Windows.


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  • spider, (edited )

    That’s fine, but it’s not about you personally.

    spider, (edited )

    Take your problems to AP – they wrote the headline, and I added the stuff in parentheses for context.


    He first taunted people some days ago by essentially admitting to having kompromat on most users

    I’ve sometimes wondered whether spez has kompromat on Reddit’s owners; it’s hard to imagine a CEO in his position not getting sacked after what happened last summer.

    What is he, trying to make musk look smart?

    He has actually expressed admiration for Musk, after the Twitter takeover.

    spider, (edited )

    For what it’s worth, aussie.zone had some issues with this a few months ago and the mod discovered and used a workaround for a bug, as noted here.


    Sounds familiar:

    Ten years after Ghouta, Mr Obama’s red line over Syria is remembered as a defining moment of his presidency. Rather than strike immediately, he first decided to ask for a vote in Congress and then agreed not to act at all if Russia stepped in to oversee Syria’s chemical disarmament. Critics argue that Mr Obama’s reluctance to punish Mr Assad diminished America’s credibility and that the consequences are still being felt even now.


    The majority of checkouts at my local Aldi are self-service; I think Walmart might have started that trend.

    spider, (edited )

    “You’re trying to take away the incentives for people to work hard,” [Catsimatidis] said.

    The working class is referred to as such for a reason.

    He should stop pretending to be one of them.

    spider, (edited )

    Nobody except a billionaire wants hand outs.

    …and gets them, usually on demand.

    spider, (edited )

    the ultra-rich are preparing for the Big One

    Some of us “little people” are doing it too, for example by not buying Reddit stock and feathering their nests for them.


    ↆ 3

    Oh, GTFO with the downvotes; go back to Reddit.

    spider, (edited )

    If they’d stopped hoarding as much wealth as they could

    It’s as though they believe they’re immortal.

    They’re not going to be able to simply buy their way past 80-or-90-something.


    What they have in money, they lack in self-awareness.


    Bankman-Fried hopes to create an AI version of himself

    Bankman-Fried himself is a real-life version of this.

    Columbia’s New “Antisemitism Task Force” Won’t Say What It Thinks Antisemitism Is (theintercept.com)

    A recent listening session hosted by Columbia University’s new Task Force on Antisemitism devolved into chaos, with a task force leader yelling at students who questioned the group’s refusal to define “antisemitism,” according to sources at the university. Meanwhile, the school is preparing to spend up to $135,000 to...


    During a closed-door meeting last week, Professor Ester Fuchs, who is one of the chairs of the task force, invoked a Supreme Court justice’s famous line about pornography: “I know it when I see it.”

    The problem is, people like Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) think they do, too, when they accuse university presidents of it who then lose their jobs…and yet, turn a blind eye to it when it involves their own.

    In this f**ked-up political environment “I know it when I see it” is highly subjective. And it’s bullshit.

    spider, (edited )

    The US press didn’t really notice

    They’re generally more interested in chasing down the next story, vs. spending more time on a current one.

    Edit: I’ve apparently offended people with short attention spans.

    Father of Marine killed in 2021 suicide bomb attack at Afghanistan's Kabul airport arrested at SOTU (www.yahoo.com)

    During Biden’s speech, Nikoui could be heard yelling, “Abbey Gate, Abbey Gate” at approximately 10:15 p.m. ET. Abbey Gate is the entrance to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, where a single explosive device was detonated by an ISIS-K terrorist. The blast killed 13 U.S. service members and at least...


    The father of a U.S. Marine who was killed at Afghanistan’s Kabul airport in 2021 as America pulled out of the country was arrested by U.S. Capitol Police officers for disrupting the State of the Union address

    Meanwhile, Marjorie Taylor Greene gets a pass…

    spider, (edited )

    It’s like some Looney Toons shit.

    …or, on a more sinister note, some Mossad shit.


    Trump-tied lawyer

    Obviously “no awareness” is a job requirement.


    Now I’m feeling bad about eating them for St. Paddy’s Day.

    spider, (edited )

    Trump sues someone, loses, wasted time and pays fine

    Trump gets charged, loses, pays fine/legal penalties

    Trump talks out of his ass, gets sued, loses court battle, pays the lawsuit

    “very stable genius”

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