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I run 16 Bit Virtual Studios. You can find more reviews from me on YouTube youtube.com/@16bitvirtual or other social media @16bitvirtual, and we sell our 3D Printed stuff on 16bitstore.com

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Word of warning to those with Prusa MK4 and Satin beds. There is a chance that the auto bed leveler will mess up and destroy your print surface. (lemmy.world)

I’ve tried to report the issue to Prusa support but they keeps trying to diagnose it as user error. But at this point I’m at a loss and presume that it’s either a firmware issue or a sensor issue on my unit....

the16bitgamer, (edited )
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Useing older firmware (was 1 version behind at the time of conversation), and a dirty nozzle which I clean regularly to prevent PETG globs from being deposited in my prints.

EDIT: The newest markings on the print bed was on the latest firmware.

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Exactly as you said. I call it gouging since material is being removed. But the marks aren’t deep and the print surface is completely usable. Don’t have a better word for it than gouging.

As for what I was doing? Restarting a print I had to stop part way last night since the filament jammed. I looked away for a second then heard knocking from the printer and was welcomed to this beautiful new mark on my print sheet.

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Is there other firmware for Prusa MK4? I knew you could break a thing on the motherboard, but I thought that be some time from now.

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Oh I wish it was. I was even printing in clear. But sadly no it’s permanent.

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This is why I presume it’s either firmware/software issue, or a sensor was defective.

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Oh I’ve had my fair share of issues with this. i.e. little specs of the previous print color is stuck on the next print since I missed it during print clean up.

But if I am honest, for a normal spring steel PEI sheet it’s perfect. And I prefer this to the magnetic solution like on the Mini since it lets me use Garolite/G10.

I’ve only seen this issue with the satin bed.

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At this point it’s not like even if I did capture it, I’d get a new print sheet. I’ve just switch to G10/Garolite. Had good results with it before, but switch to Satin since I wanted a print bed for both PLA and PETG that didn’t destroy the Print Bed.

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MK4 uses the nozzle’s pressure sensor to level, no magnets from what I can tell.

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Living in a 30 year old apartment for 5 years and no way to do repairs. It was liked this when I moved in.

$1,500 CAD/Month (current market $2000) Welcome to Halifax, NS!

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Print sheet works, cosmetically it doesn’t. I sell my prints, and having odd lines is not something I want to sell. I’m just disappointed since there was nothing I can do except watch and kill it as fast as I can.

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There’s nothing rugged enough out there. Over a long enough time it will die. My two cents would be to minimize physical connectors or makes covers to protect them.

My shop (not wood) uses an old, obsolete and honestly useless Microsoft Surface tablet, since

A it has no fan just a hinge

B 2 charging ports with usb c and the magnetic charger

C Bluetooth which u can get a cheap membrane something that will work, and a Bluetooth mouse.

D has a touch screen as a fallback.

Linux is pretty good on it with a gnome based distro and it has enough Horsepower to run FreeCAD.

That said even if u don’t like Microsoft I believe Walmart or something similar offers 2 in 1 windows laptops that have the same or worse specs. That’ll do.

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My karma equates to: 17K post, 12K comment.

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We’ve already seen how this plays out in court with Sony vs BLEEM. I really hope Nintendo gets the books thrown at them, cuz I am getting really sick and tired of their “All illegal emulators stifles innovation” attitude. Especially with the fact that their fragile games are starting to break down and needs to be backed up for users to continue using their games.

They are pricey but cart readers like the GBxCart, Open Source Cartridge Reader, or simply modifying or running an R4 your Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS can help you backup your physical games. Which might I add is legal under archival laws in the USA (117) and backup laws in Canada (29.24).

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Ah corporate Lawyer BS, pointing out what they want to be true and not pointing out the other. ROMs are legal under existing Copywrite laws under archival laws in the USA (117) and backup laws in Canada (29.24). The Americans have a bit more of a restricted way of using their archives, but that’s not needs to be argued here, as it appears that Nintendo is blaming Yuzu for actions of the general consumer. It’ll be like blaming your Network provider for allowing a user to download a movie, both legally and illegally, thus they should be punished for both actions.

I also love that Nintendo isn’t not stating it’s illegal here, just that it’s infringing because it’s not authorized.

What games do you recommend for my girlfriend?

My girlfriend has never really gamed. But she’s now forced to move less than she would like to (health problem) and she’s getting bored. I was thinking of introducing her to a game or two that we could play together. She’s not the real action game type, and seeing as she has no experience with controller/mouse and keyboard...

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Hummm easy games. I think it depends of their tastes and what they like to do.

I can think of a few games which might be fun, but perhaps she should watch some lets plays to see if it peaks her interest.

Lil Guardsman is a fun game my SO showed me recently.

Stardew Vally

Potion/crafting games are something else, Potionomics might be fun.

Oh point and clicks might be fun too, but I can think of anything outside of Grim Fandango or Monkey Island

Animal Crossing is always relaxing

My SO and I played Persona 5 together too, I played the game while she was my navigatior who made conversation choices.

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I wonder what the PC version will be like?

If it’s not the existing 2 PC games which have already been updated to remove GameSpy and add in modern online servers, then cool. If not I hope they make Battlefront 2’s menus controller friendly.

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Linux Mint, I wanted Manjaro with KDE to work so much. But the issue I had with it, and no not the in general complaints about Manjaro, was how annoying it is to set up again. Rebuilding a machine or an install was just such a hassle, that I wanted to move to a Ubuntu/Debain based distro, where everything was already made for it.

If my current build of Linux Mint dies, then I’d probably move to the Mint DE and remove the Ubuntu part.

Troubleshooting is easier, finding apps is easier, and outside of advance user packages like MangoHud and XPadNeo where I needed to build from source (not fun). It’s been a painless experience.

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Thanks I made them myself

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Embedded in the models themselves.

I made an SVG of the Icon, the I turn it into a sketch, then scale and push into the area I want it. It’s doable in Fusion 360 and FreeCAD. Though FreeCAD takes some messaging to get it to work well.

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Lemmy communities you should keep an eye out for is: !gamedeals for freebees and discounts. The other social media site that shall not be named also has a similar community with the same name.

As for new games when in doubt, Humble Bundle. They currently have some fantastic game deals right now if you are a fan of Capcom or Indi games. Outside of the Destiny 2 bundle I’ve heard nothing but positives from them.

Now as you say you are new to PC gaming I’m going to recommend you some niche/personal fav games of mine that either aren’t on consoles, or aren’t know well on consoles.

  • Antichamber, a first person “shooter”, that’s more of a mind bending puzzle game. The most atmospheric game I’ve played and a wonderful time.
  • Most thing from Valve, Half Life 1 & 2, Left for Dead, etc. All good fund and often onsale for dirt cheap. Get it if you find it for the right price. The YouTube series “Freeman’s Mind” is worth a watch if you want a see what the gameplay is like.
  • Portal 1 & 2, Valve FPS and puzzle games. Well known, and obviously recommended. Play in order is advised.
  • Slime Rancher if you are looking for a framing game in the first person
  • Star Wars Dark Forces, Star Wars in the Doom Engine. Not the biggest fan but it’s the first in a series of fun adventure games.
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight Dark Forces II, This is an interesting genera of game. It is a FPS, but it’s in the mission structure of the old doom games. With a narrative of Star Wars. There are light sabers, and you can cut off your enemies limbs. Fun time
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight II/Jedi Academe, aka Dark Forces III. Same as the first game but you get your saber quicker. Had a blast with academe.
  • Super Hot: Super. Hot. Super. Hot. Super. Hot.
  • Team Fortress 2. Team based hero FPS before Overwatch. I’ve heard the quality went down recently but I haven’t checked.
  • Wolfenstein The New Order. Just a very angry dude killing nazi’s what’s there not to love.
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Oh and for games that will just kill your down time (if that’s what you are looking for).

With mouse and Keyboard

  • Civilization 5 or 6
  • Cities Skylines
  • Jurassic World Evolution
  • Kerbal Space Program

With just a gamepad

  • Elder Scrolls 4/5
  • Fallout 3/4/New Vegas (in order)
  • GTA San Andreas (though if you can PCSX2 with the widescreen patch)
  • Batman Arkham Asylum/City/Knight
  • Saints Row 2/3/4
  • Watch_Dogs (can’t say how nice UPlay will be with no login)

With multiple controllers (and friends)

  • TMNT Shredders Revenge
  • Castle Crashers
  • Most ROM bundles like Disney Afternoon, Capcom Arcade Stadium, Sega Genesis Collection etc.
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Exploration and slime optimization.

The exploration was more just looking around, and since the game is finished I can explore to my heart’s content.

As for slime optimization, the farm has only so many plots of land. So mixing your slimes into mixed slimes lets you feed the slimes easier to feed and maintain.

The goal being a farm that doesn’t create monsters from free roaming plorts while making the most money.

I’m in it for the exploration and without guides its a good time sink

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