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RIF was my Reddit app of choice for like 10 years, will miss it for sure :(


Same. RIF was great. Such a perfect app! RIP RIF


Yeah I had premium for so long I don't remember buying it. It sucks to see but remember fuck u/spez.


I had premium too. It was well worth it for such a great app.


I’m unsure what the glitch is, but I got something weird. I’m also getting the unable to load message on RiF, so I was getting ready to delete the app. As a sentimental moment to say goodbye, I clicked to log out. Then bam - pages start loading? I can browse Reddit but can’t interact. Is this just some cached glitch?


Same here, was on reddit only witf RIF. I can recommend “connect for Lemmy” as alernative app, so far the most mature one I’ve tested for Lemmy.


Even up to the last day I really thought Reddit would see the light. Oh well. I’ll miss how perfect the design of RIF was.


Really was unique, I tried other apps just to trial them but RIF always came top for me. I missed it so much when I had an iPhone, was the first app I downloaded when I went back to android!

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Welcome. It's gonna take everyone's effort to make KBIN fun. Upload content daily, and interact with other people's content that you have something to say about. It's gonna take effort from all of us.

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Hopefully we can get a mobile client soon as well, because then I think it'll really take off.

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There's one in the works called Artemis

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I've been gently hounding the RIF dev to see if he'll make a Kbin app, lol. Here's to hoping!


The problem the kbin has right now though is that it's so new I don't think an API exists yet. Even if it did, development is happening so rapidly that by the time you hammered out your app the API may have changed several times.

We will eventually get our app, but kbin needs to grow as a website a little bit first.

kspatlas, (edited )

I'm making a kbin app of my own, currently stuck on tab bar because there is a bajillion conflicting pieces of documentation on how to do it in jetpack compose

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Yeah I keep wishing I could see this in the Apollo UI


We need to quickly move past Reddit. We cannot be consumed by it or we will repel newcomers. This needs to become it's own special place with it's own character. It'll take time. Be patient.

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Reddit is the big news right now. It is unrealistic to expect people to just forget it and ignore it. Same thing happened with the initial Digg migration to Reddit all those years ago. Once Reddit stops being news because it failed or things went back to normal, then we'll stop talking about it.


Okay, but for now all the “RIP Reddit” posts give migrating Reddit users a feeling of, “So this is where the other people like me went.”

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Feels weird after all these years.

I'm excited about the fediverse though!

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RIP :/


Same, Apollo just crashes, I was hoping for some sort of miracle compromise lol


Apollo crashed as soon as I finished reading the eulogy post

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I didn’t get to :( It wouldn’t load.


That was great timing. I hope you’re not into reading apocalypse or doomsday books, though.

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Yeah - as of about thirty minutes ago, Apollo just crashes as soon as it boots.

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If you put the phone in airplane mode, you can get the app to load the UI at least. Doesn't do/mean anything but I suspect I'll be doing it out of nostalgia a lot in the coming months.

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Mine has started loading normally without that. Obviously no content, but I don't have to turn off connection to have it not crash now.


The developer of Apollo said Reddit cut them off unexpectedly but he was able to make it stop crashing by deleting his token. He can no longer access anything now but at least you can go into the app.

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Dang, that kinda sucks. If he was able to still have a going away message it could link to donations to help cover the refunds.

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BaconReader down as well.

Wisely, (edited )

I was hoping he put something special in like a countdown with that last update. Or that you could still open it and see something. App is totally dead.

Update: Apparently Reddit killed all the third party apps themselves early. Probably knowing we would comment only to protest and complain.


A link to Lemmy would have been good.

Teppic, (edited )
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There is one if you open RIF now :)
Edit: typo


Uninstalled last night :'( but glad to hear that was added!

charlieb, (edited )
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The best app :(

Fun side effect if I accidentally click a reddit link from Google or whatever, it opens the app to an empty screen instead of giving reddit traffic! I'll keep it installed as a free blacklist tool 🤣


Ha! Great idea, think I'll do the same

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Well that 's it for me. I blocked Reddit on my PC with UBlock Origin, and the only time I would look at Reddit would be through RIF. I can only hope for an app so good for kbin and the Fediverse.

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Weird. RIF still works here.

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Are you still logged in?
It still works as read only, after logging out.

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Not logged in. Seems to be only read mode.


RIF was a great app. Here's to hoping we bring all the best parts of Reddit across and continue the fun!



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I've been on reddit for 13 years, and have used rif for 12. Maybe the most used app I've ever had, was always a staple download whenever getting a new device. Just a damn shame this is happening.

That being said, this is my first post on kbin. Here's to hoping this community can grow and we can collectively move on from reddit's mess as it withers away from their pride and greed.


The silver lining is that we discovered the fediverse


I just wish I actually...Liked it?


It's clunky and kinda empty right now, but hopefully it'll get better.

Definitely needs a bunch of content that isn't "Reddit sucks."

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Time to go write posts and upload pictures that have nothing to do with Reddit.


Hello everyone! RIF stopped working so here I am! I hope everyone is doing well.

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Boost for Reddit still works for me somehow

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I've been on reddit for 17 years, I can't remember when I bought RIF. It was a good run.

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