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Someday i will be trans, as long I'm a boy (irl)

Russia destroyed me, turn my life into void, Russia doing so many illegal things like detroying Ukraine, Ukrainians nation, make LGBT illegal, etc
18 year old is being near, I can leave in this time, I need help, I hope I can leave this hell and change fully
I in danger and really in such fucked up times or life
Recently medical problems becoming too more terrible, idk I can survive or not
D1ath2006 need fully change and leave all these hell

D1ath2006, to random
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What the best medical ever?
I mean medical peoples, there organizations which can help in online?, need free but also DIY is really can be more better than government and even medical organizations?
Help not about therapy but about with physical

D1ath2006, to random
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How to fight with doomersim in news, social media, etc?
There extension which can remove doomer (also you can say about fake news)?
Where place in social media go for real news, research, etc which there no doomerism?
What news don't have doomerism?

D1ath2006, to europe
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You know what solutions on far right in EU?

Maybe far right have good things like fixing economy (if this is will be real) but they will have problems, they as economy more left (than USA) and as socially more right
The most worst is migration, this is very controversial, I think illegal refugees (I know that refugees and migrant is 2 different things) for economy is terrible, and need to deal with islam, ruzzians but they can just close border, don't let anyone, they literally just against all like racist, in several countries (like France) already look like is already start but I can be wrong, I believe that yet they still will actually solve problems but this can be not, there exactly will be several countries who will do terrible anti migration things, several anti migration things in EU (in society, etc)

There can be problems as they socially more right, there exactly will be less right, protections, more terrible things like against society, etc
There can be good things like solution on current economy, I don't know this really will be or not

Left in EU don't solve on problems, peoples become more poorer, less powerful for things, left in EU is conservative, when they destroy millennial, gen z, they don't will vote on conservative instead they will vote to more progressive (and different) but unfortunately this is far right
In several countries there already have far right, almost all or all is become more worse and society against them, they fail, as if after europeans will vote for far right in EU in 2024, they will regret then next left
I think this is something smillar to right in EU (anyway, countries, not EU itself) in past, they fail and then vote left
I think idk to this is "far right don't will solve anything, they lied, better to vote left, staying in conservative", "better create left, not right" (last can be controversial)

Obviously need to create new left to solve problems

What solutions on far right in EU?
Several years later they can realize after far right make EU more worse and fail and then vote to left
There solution in 1 year?

I disappointed that we still don't create new left yet

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