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Agreed, we need to help people find their way here. They're not going to come unless they know where to go.

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Well seems Greedy little Pigboy Steve huffman has got exactly the same Spirt as his fellow Redditors when it comes to the Strike, just means we'll have to continue forward and follow through to, The main effort current moderators should start working on is to help migrate as many people as possible to services like kbin and Lemmy, also to people who are Reddit mods, here's a tip: Make an Example of all the people saying that, Protests are stupid, aren't going to work, are a waste of time, you're gonna come crawling back etc. Ban them permenantly from your communities and call them out (in a mod-distinguished reply to their infringing message) as the trolls and scabs they are and show that this behavior isn't rewarded with status, dignity, or reputation.

Difference between kbin and lemmy

Lately I often read about kbin.social being similar to lemmy but more accessible. So I created an account there to check it out. My experience so far is a little mixed. From kbin I can access all Lemmy posts, although I find the interface less intuitive to join new communities. So from the kbin side it feels like an other Lemmy...

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Yeah, Hopefully they'll be able to something soon. That is ultimately the big downside to decentralized open source solutions but it sure outweighs the drawbacks of the closed source centralized ones as will become painfully apparent on June 12

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