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now shows the 404 and that's the url that I use by default, because I prefer newest to go first

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cool, thanks

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Could we sabotage the LLM training so the data became worthless?

Like adding to our comments stuff like "2+2=5" "Abraham Lincoln discovered America" and whatever silly statement you can think of

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yeah, I spend more time downvoting a blocking spammers than anything else

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The game is more of a rip off of Ark than Pokemon honestly,

Gameplay-wise, yes, but the monsters look like they took pokemon assets, alter them a little and introduce them into the game, some even look like simple palette swaps

for example:


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The thing is they literally took pokemon 3D assets, edited them a little and that's all

Because pals look like this


but now IN 3D!!!

They took Serperior head+ Milotic body and Primarina hair



For the thumbnail image, they took meoth face, purugly body and that's it

These designs are not "inspired" they simply imported the assets from a pokemon game on blender or something, used "copy and paste" for different body parts and that's it, job done that's their completely original creature, totally not copied

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Anubis is 100% Lucario, they imported it on blender changed the pawns for hands and removed the dreadlocks and put a veil and called it a day.

But Pokemon doesn’t own the concept of cute monster with elemental powers, otherwise we’d never have had Digimon, TemTem, Monster Rancher

Yeah, of course, but none of those look like "hey, can I copy your homework" each one have their own, easily recognizable, distinct style

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I'm not offended on Nintendo's behalf, I'm simply not a palworld simp.

I dislike both (Pokemon and palworld) equally, but is crystal clear palworld uses slightly modified pokemon assets, so I have no reason to buy or support palworld, just like I have other reasons to not support or buy pokemon games

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it wouldn't have sold millions of units

People started to sell their steam accounts that owned the game and keys for the game for hundreds of dollars when it was announced the game was some bad that it was going to be removed from steam

If something is popular it will sell, the quality does not matter. You have the best example in Pokemon itself

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