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Indie game devs going 10+ years strong. We make deep, highly-replayable RPGs.

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New Best of Trese Brothers Steam bundle discount stacks with all the games in it on sale right now. 55%-off on four of the most in-depth RPGs on Steam! (

Love thoughtful strategy in deep settings? Get four of our best games (or whichever ones you don't already have) at once, all at a discount through this bundle....

[Steam] Cyber Knights: Flashpoint ($23.99 / 20%-off) (

Our newly-released stealth & squad tactics heist RPG. If you like games like Invisible Inc, XCOM 2, Shadowrun or other tactical RPGs, I think you'll find this worth a look. We just started Early Access last month, but the game is very playable and we've already made over 20 updates adding new content and improvements.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster Release Date Confirmed - February 28, 2024 (

Star Wars: Dark Forces is LucasArts’ much-loved first-person shooter originally released in 1995. This remaster, which arrives just shy of 30 years later, is in the works at Nightdive Studios, the video game restoration specialist behind the well-received System Shock remake and Turok and Quake remasters.

[Dicebreaker] Baldur’s Gate 3, Final Fantasy 16 and The Witcher actors party up for D&D actual play series Natural Six (

Doug Cockle, voice of Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher video games, is headlining a new Dungeons & Dragons actual play series called Natural Six. Announced on Monday, the 10-episode run will feature several other well known voice video game voice actors.

Vince Gilligan teases "mild" sci-fi show with Rhea Seehorn (

After defying expectations twice, Vince Gilligan is going for a hat trick. The creator of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul satisfied fans with two spectacular shows, put Albuquerque on the crime series map, and rarely, if ever, made a mistake. With his next show, he’s going back to his roots....

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Vague but interesting. Look forward to hearing more about it!

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XCOM series is great. Unfortunate so many of the lead creators have left Firaxis lately.

I saw a lot of hype / skepticism for the newly announced Blade Runner game, and just want to mention that there's already a pretty incredible Blade-Runner-inspired game, LOW-FI, releasing later this year. (

It's a huge open world experience, available in VR (but not required), in a retro-futuristic cyberpunk slum. Hundreds of crimes and stories to solve, lots of places to explore, AI companions to get, the flying car, tons more....

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It's definitely worth it, but if this is your first cRPG and you're on a budget I'd at least start the game first and see if you're liking it through the first act. You can add in the DLC at any time; it will work with an existing save game.

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Any chance you could edit your top-comment to include a link to Steam Next Fest itself?

The submission URL itself has a typo in it unfortunately, and I'd really encourage folks to browse through Next Fest and see what they can find beyond the 10 most popular ones. 🙂 Next Fest is a great event for indies, but it does suffer from Steam always seeming to set up these "rich get richer" loops where the games that came into Next Fest with the most wishlists (often from having the biggest marketing budgets), are the ones they make most visible, without providing any curation of or means for user-surfacing of lesser-known but promising titles.

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Oh nice, thank you!

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Indie dev here. Went full-time on it with my brother several years back. Currently working on our 9th game -- Cyber Knights: Flashpoint.

It's a squad tactics heist RPG. XCOM-like combat, extensive stealth options, and a cyberpunk setting & stories inspired by over a decade of tabletop RPG campaigns we've played.

This is our first game made with Unity; it's been a learning experience but feels very worth it.

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Much appreciated! The visuals on this game are really a huge step up for us. It's also our first 3D game, so a whole new pipeline for all of that.

New trailer for XCOM-like heist RPG, Cyber Knights: Flashpoint. Demo in 3 days, game releasing later this year. [PC / Mac / Linux] (

Cyberpunk squad tactics RPG with stealth, gridless movement & cover, faction & reputation mechanics. - Going to have a demo in Steam Next Fest starting on Monday.

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Thanks! Definitely one of our inspirations. We used to play the tabletop RPG quite a bit before focusing more on our own homebrew systems.

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Appreciate it! Wishlists are a huge help!

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If things go well. 👍 It will be Steam Deck ready at release.

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We made one for our previous games, but have switched to Unity for our latest. As your games grow in complexity, the developer ecosystem around more popular engines is helpful for not having to build out every piece of functionality (much of which is just redoing what others have already figured out how to do better a thousand times) from scratch. It's not a silver bullet -- we are extremely picky about the code quality and performance of any plugins we use and still create our own implementations often -- but it makes a big difference.

It sounds like OP has written their own engine to do one particular thing better than any other engine; that can be cool to see if the trade-offs in the rest of the scope aren't bad.

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