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she/it trans girl, i like godzilla, 100 gecs, and sonic!

Mundon, to random
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I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie tonight, but by the time I got to the theater it was sold out. So I settled for the new Mission Impossible movie.

I regret that decision.

Literally the only reason I didn't get up and walk out of the movie was I didn't want to go back out in the rain. I lost count of how many times I rolled my eyes at the film.

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@Mundon my sibling in christ, did you not roll your eyes at the Indiana Jones trailer alone?? Should've taken the L and walked in the rain

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It seems like they were either doing updates or server maintenance or something earlier today

UnixVsDos, to CasualConversation
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Thinking of making some friends here. Been exploring kbin and I'm hoping this is a cool magazine

kitoconnell, to random
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No judgment, but curious if you still regularly in your work, shopping or daily life. Will reply with mine later below. 😷

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I haven't been regularly, but I'm trying to more! I think it's a good way to respect the disabled and immunocompromised

UnixVsDos, to 196
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Dewey cox thinking of song title: they ultrasounded... My... Balls... They ultrasounded my balls!!!!

UnixVsDos, to random
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suggestion for god: anomalocaris. dick. i want my weenie to be shaped like this guy. two fuckin' weenies, twice the fun. also, a little vagina that takes w shaped bites outta your cock. hell yeah

Jyoti, to random
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Me live at every gig I've done.

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Me too fr

UnixVsDos, to random
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Test post

CementFilledPastry, to 196

miles morales rule

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Well, because of the multiverse, there must've been a spider Jesus!

riktor, to CasualConversation
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How is everyone enjoying kbin? Any tips for those who are just getting started?
I would personally like to see a mobile app available. Although browsing on a mobile browser isn't terrible, I still would want to see what could be made for mobile.

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Yeah, I'm enjoying kbin, wbu?

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