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Hi all. I'm Dan. You can message me on Matrix @danhakimi:matrix.org, or follow me on Mastodon at @danhakimi.

You might want to check out my men's style blog, The Second Button, and the associated instagram account

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Apple's biggest crimes here are creating a proprietary platform with an exclusive protocol and making it the default messaging protocol on their devices. None of this is really new, though. All that shit is common. We need Signal or Matrix to improve in user-friendliness and even do some marketing to the point where they become viable solutions.

Embracing the Magic: Tim Allen's Santa Clause Suit - A Superior Comfort Experience (discuss.tchncs.de)

Introduction In the realm of iconic holiday figures, Santa Claus stands tall as the epitome of joy, generosity, and the spirit of giving. Among the various representations of Santa throughout cinematic history, Tim Allen’s portrayal in “The Santa Clause” movies not only captivated audiences with its heartwarming story but...

Aimé Leon Dore / Drake's FW23 (www.aimeleondore.com)

Aimé Leon Dore and Drake's reunite for a FW23 collaboration inspired by the eclectic and free-spirited world of jazz, relayed through the instruments, characters and history of the medium. The wide-reaching collection features an Expedition Parka, Casentino Full Zip Fleece and Chalk Stripe Suit, along with accessories such as...

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health insurance isn't really insurance either.

it's like a health services subscription plan with a million convoluted rules.

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insurance is part of health plans. There is a deductible and an out-of-pocket max, which are both designed to protect you from those catastrophic risks. But because those catastrophic risks are best addressed by preventative care, and regular checkups, and freakin' gym memberships, so the economics of insuring health becomes the economics of health incentivization, fucking around to figure out what it takes to get people to take care of themselves in advance rather than waiting but not getting people to go to doctors for frivolous issues.

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maybe instead of being a dick for no reason, post things that you think look good?

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Why is it that you people can never scroll past the first option? The prices here go down to $90...

If you don't want a fair isle, don't get one, they're not hurting you.

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I'll also nod to fair isles from:

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I love how the only thing people in this community can agree on is that all clothing is terrible and overpriced and stupid.

please, let us know what the acceptable price for a fairisle is, and where people are allowed to buy them from.

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IIRC, it's from the animators of Bob's Burgers, but not the same writers? I could be wrong.

But yeah, I think the Animation style is really particularly suited to Bob's Burgers, and copying and pasting the same style into other shows feels really disappointing.

But Central Park is good-ish.

And the Great North is also a show, I guess.

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naw, American Dad is actually good.

OC How Harry Styles Wears Tailoring | The Second Button (thesecondbutton.com)

There are common threads in the ways Harry Styles wears tailoring. These common threads run through different stylists, and seem to indicate a deeply personal style. I'm going to break down that style, that language, and provide you with practical insights.

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