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Honestly, use better screws, avoid that cheap stuff like the plague. Once it gets old, it will get stuck and it will be harder to pull out.

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Or a short guide to erotic auto asphyxiation.

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Not as clumsy or random as a usb drive. An elegant storage solution, for a more... civilized age

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My kindle oasis (1st gen) cover disagrees with this statement. Somehow my Kindle Keyboard outlasted my oasis by a decade.

"Permission is Hereby Granted" -- MIT License text becomes viral “sad girl” piano ballad generated by AI (

On Wednesday, prompt engineer Riley Goodside tweeted an AI-generated song created with the prompt “sad girl with piano performs the text of the MIT License,” and it began to circulate widely in the AI community online.

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That's right, they didn't spent four years of their lives studying prompt engineering and got a master's degree in prompt legislation for nothing.. We gotta respect that.

That said, it's the AI bros and CEOs pushing the "AI will save us all" narrative that are using this term everywhere.

E.g. "AI might destroy some jobs like illustrator or journalist, but surely will create new jobs like prompt engineer."

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It's the "I don't like the Red Sox, but I will cheer for them vs. the Yankees"

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When the only thing you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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I'm saving mine for Dwayne...
Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho.

"Digital sovereignty": German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein ditches Microsoft for Linux and Open Source alternatives (

Schleswig-Holstein, the northern German federal state, will be a digital pioneer region and the first German state to introduce a digitally sovereign IT workplace in its state administration. With a cabinet decision to introduce the open-source software LibreOffice as the standard office solution across the board, the government...

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München did this exact tango, however the reason for switching back to Windows, (despite the amazing costs) wasn't a functionality-based one but rather than Microsoft moved their HQ to the city.

In fact, as soon as the city announced the FOSS switch, Gates made it his personal crusade flying directly to meet and spending a lot to convince them.

More here:

I can't find where did I read about Gates taking it personally, but I actually think it was in an interview where he was gloating about the change of heart.

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That's common on people celebrated on a very specific field and why most Cessna accident victims are doctors and lawyers.

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I enjoy more these stories than his movies, and I do like some of his movies.

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All-Barbarians is a classic! Maxing out strength and putting zero effort on mental traits was my favorite playthrough on Fallout games.

Not sure of if that's what it means though, but playing as a group of massive angry toddlers sounds like a grand time.

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