That's awesome!!! I've had some pretty great specialists and some pretty awful ones. I've become a better advocate for myself over the last 5-10 years so I really try to find specialists that are knowledgeable and actually listen.

I'm so glad you have a great specialist you are working with, and I hope the treatment plan works out well for you. Fingers crossed!

eyingaround, to graffiti

”A Bailarina” by the artist Kobra, on the wall of Adrienne Arsht Centre in

First post of a series. Have a great week.


@eyingaround that looks amazing!

HipPriest, to Epilepsy

Hey, I figured it would be good to get a community about epilepsy going here. Whether it takes off or not I don't know, but I guess someone has to start...

I was diagnosed when I was a teenager. I'm now an adult who has tried many, many drugs... I'm currently on a pretty brand new one called Cenabomate which has actually stopped seizures for now but the side effects have prevented me from being able to work or do much so... Yeah.

How's anyone else getting on with their condition?


@HipPriest - welcome! I have epilepsy as a result of a traumatic brain injury I received as a teenager. I've tried a number of medicines, but Keppra is the only one that seems to have the most effect on seizure reduction for me. It really messes with my mood but I know that is to be expected for many as a side effect.

Never heard of Cenabomate until now. I'm glad it is working for your seizures, but it sucks you aren't able to do much because of the side effects. The magazine for epilepsy is quiet, but there are a couple of us hanging around here in the fediverse. :)


@HipPriest I totally agree with you on the side effects. Hope to hear updates on how the Cenabomate continues to work for you!


This is a really deep, contemplative yet vibey composition, I'm also sorry to hear about the loss your friend.


That is really rough. I am glad you were able to put that piece together to honor him though.

Vergennes artist advocates for more access - Addison Independent (www.addisonindependent.com)

As a consumer of visual and performing arts, Vergennes artist Keilani Lime is very aware of the way art can be less accessible to people with disabilities, despite the fact that laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, encourage public venues to make themselves as open as possible to people with physical...


Yeah, I think it's a spot that only disabled people can use but have to pay to use. I also think it's just as curious that the article does not describe any kind of temporary action. So if the spot no longer has a meter, it can't be used? Does this mean that disabled people will have to park further away to use an existing meter not meant for disabled people? Why not allow people to use their placards as proof to at least be able to utilize the spots.

All the articles I found for this were pretty poor and left much to be answered.

Fashion influencer changing peoples’ perceptions of disability one post at a time (www.intheknow.com)

The fashion influencer and disability advocate uses her platform to dismantle ableism and create a more inclusive future for those with disabilities. She says, “Until you put your foot down — or your wheel down — people aren’t going to accept that if we have the appropriate accommodations, if we are treated as equals,...

Winters.Tail - Disabled Pup Masters the Stairs! (www.tiktok.com)

Stair practice 🤣 #cerrebellarhypoplasiadogs #bordercollie #specialneedsdog #cutedog #bordercolliesoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #dog #doggolove #dogs #doggosoftiktok #neurologicalcondition #ataxiadogs #foryou #funnydog #happydog #happydance #fyp #doggos #doglove


Thanks! All of it is original composition. I do use samples in some of my music, but this one has no samples.


I assume you mean the sound that appears at 1:04 and will repeat during later bars. Yes, that is via electronic keyboard and specific "soundfont" or "tone". Everything in this song was either done with an electronic/midi keyboard or a live guitar. No samples from other songs were used.


Guitar does come in at :03. I think maybe that's what you're talking about...although piano is present throughout too. I've not really uploaded a video to Youtube before (so I hope this works)...but I deconstructed the song so you can kinda see the different parts in my workstation. Link below.


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