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An awfully fatigued commoner trying to mess it up in the fediverse

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Excited for the new Ahsoka series. Wonder what the next direction is for the star wars universe

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Posting from artemis. Thought the app would be like all those lemmy clients out there. But this is truly amazing. If there is a pro version, you have my money.

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@fediverse Vlemmy refugees logging in from elsewhere, how's it working?

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@linuxFan Had a account from before. Tried this to be safe from any such future events.

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Any immigrants here? How have your experiences been so far? I'll be moving out of my country for the first time, and it's scary AF.

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@count_borrell Thank you for the tips. Especially the third one. I have this false hope that being in a new place will change me dramatically like being more social for instance. May be I will have some minor changes but it's unfair to expect this and that from a new country.

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How are the apps for kbin/lemmy coming?

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How are the mobile apps for kbin/lemmy coming?

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@brunofin Looks good. Would love to try it

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@Slated Great. Keep us updated

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Lemmy is boring for now maybe. With new users and more content coming things will be much better. Just think that you are one of the pioneers and contribute.

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What's even the point then? I guess it's either Reddit or no reddit.

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