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Counter-Strike is at its best when teams compete on a level playing field and when ability is the only limit to their success.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen professional Counter-Strike drift away from that ideal. The ecosystem has become gradually less open, with access to the highest levels of competition increasingly gated by business relationships.

We think that Counter-Strike should be an open sport. So we’re going to add new requirements to running large-scale competitive events. The finer details are still in progress, but here are the broad strokes:

  • Tournament organizers will no longer have unique business relationships or other conflicts of interest with teams that participate in their events.
  • Invitations to all tournaments will use our ranking system (detailed here), or otherwise be determined by open qualifiers.
  • Any compensation for participating teams—prize pool or otherwise—will be made public and will be driven by objective criteria that can be inspected by the community.

Since tournament organizers have existing long term commitments, these requirements will take effect as of 2025. There will be some rough edges to the transition, but we’re committed to the long-term health of Counter-Strike as a sport and are looking forward to its bright and open future.

A huge W for Valve. Bringing more meritocracy is a great deal for CS. All franchise leagues are terrible for the scene, potentially crippling the viewership. Teams such as EG (Love the team hate the management) must think twice before bagging their season and not accomplishing anything really...

osiris, to cs
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If anyone is interested in helping with the Match Discussions, DM me, or @HyperCube.

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I agree, We do have the Information and Discussion thread pinned, so probably put the matches as comments, but they will be rendered slightly different than normal comments. But if @HyperCube is fine with it he can post the matches in there for the time being.

Whatever works well for you guys. Having alot of posts is fine, as it should engage more people I think, even though not everyone is interested in it.

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torzi is a GOD, jeez what a performance

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It absolutely will, now with CS2 around the corner, we will have alot of new maps and content. The tools for S2 are really well maintained, which allows everyone to produce more content in general. You can see evidence for that, by the latest updates, how fast they are rolled out with only a couple of fixes. The most recent one is a couple of changes to Overpass, in only 2 days.

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Jeez karrigan hasnt played this good in a while. Where did that confidence come from lul.

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Removed as a duplicate due to Rule 2 of the magazine.

Please take some time to view the rules on the sidebar, as they might not be as obvious. Thanks.

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This was an impressive crawlback of a match. Liquid has alot of potential, considering the not too much time to play, they look promising. Hoping they continue this form.

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That was a surprise. Happy for Big, and a weird feeling for Astralis.

I also dont get the hate people have for BlameF. Hes a capable IGL, and I have no doubt about him. Hes always performed out of his mind, single-handedly carrying the team before device joined. And yet now I see people just piling on him. I genuinely dont get it.

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Oh you already familiar with that, disregard my DMs in that case lul. The icons are a part of the CSS so we will have to do some integrating, Idk how long that could take, but it might take some time to figure it out.

HyperCube, to cs
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Seeing as Blast Fall Groups is starting tomorrow and is (to my knowledge) the first larger event since the Reddit blackout, what's the plan for post-match threads? Is the existing team from the subreddit going to make posts here as well? I'm willing to try my hand at creating some post-match threads, but I don't want to get in the way of any existing plans (and I'll probably be late/missing details anyways).

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Hello @HyperCube

I have DM'ed you just now, but you absolutely can go ahead. Normally we have a PMT team outside the mod team responsible for that. You can experiment with the tool I sent you for now and we can see how that goes. The more people jump on this effort the merrier 🎭

MattMist, to cs

Hey mods, with the subreddit back up, will you be here too or is this place now abandoned? Since I'd love to contribute to the discussions here if possible but I see zero mentions of this place in the reopening post

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@MattMist Heyy, such a dellayed response, no doubt, sorry about that. But indeed we are still here. Kbin is not at all abandoned and we will continue to experiment here. Thanks for sticking with us.

Next time try to ping me, so that I can get a notification and respond faster. Cheers.

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