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Did you ever have a classmate that pretended to be a vampire or some other supernatural creature? How much did they commit to it?

I had a couple classmates that pretended to be vampires back in elementary and middle school. They’d pretend their Koolaid was blood, complain about the sunlight, and bite their friends a lot. Not enough to draw blood, though. I haven’t kept up with most of them, but one guy is a teacher now. He seems pretty normal.

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I had a classmate who thought they were an anime character.

✔️ Naruro run
✔️ UwU
✔️ Exaggerated facial experessions
✔️ Senpai/Nani?!

Cool person though.

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I thought mine had a good shot at being a mascot, but yours is amazing and so cute!

For the people coming in asking what app for Lemmy. You don't need it. Lemmy is great on a mobile browser.

The only reason why we all used third party apps for Reddit, is because their app and website is abhorrent trash. It’s great to have a choice, but Lemmy’s website is smooth to use. I know it’s mind blowing not to use a app for everything in 2023 but Lemmy just works.

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I personally like using Memmy rather than the website. Although for kbin it’s ok, but only because there’s no app currently available.

Should the Fediverse welcome its new surveillance-capitalism overlords? Opinions differ! (

I'm changing my stance on the whole Meta/project92 thing after reading this article. I think the entire* fediverse should block project92 by default. Later, some instances can re-evaluate whether to maintain those blocks, once we have a better idea of what the benefits and consequences of federating will be:...

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I mean, is there a tangible evidence that Meta is going to destroy the fediverse?

All you have to do is look at Facebook's history with any competitor and perhaps look at any big company like lets say, google and pretty fast you'll see why everyone is distrusful.

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I have nothing nice to say. Rest in Piss.

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This looks amazing and clean. How do we get this?

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There’s some videos that explain it well. For example this one by simply explain.

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Write them a letter. Tell them the issue.

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You forgot

  • Intel Core Intel 5 Series Pro

which is different from

  • Intel Core 5 Series Pro
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