Music guy, aspiring event technician from Switzerland. I am currently an apprentice electrician, but I focus myself on more interesting stuff
I speak english and german

piezzo, to books German

What are your thoughts about eBooks?

I recently bought a PocketBook to motivate myself to read more. So far, it helped alot. I startet to carry it where ever i go. The thing is, its obviously not a real book. You dont have the same experience you get if you would read a real physical book, which is a bigger problem than i thought at first.
So tell me about your thoughts about eBooks :)

2ndStar, (edited ) to random German
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Aufgrund der aktuellen Ereignisse, dass wenn die Anhörung zu Ende ist und die Antwort vielleicht unser aller Leben verändert - hier vorab:

Glaubst du, dass Außerirdische (mit entsprechender Reise-Erfahrung durch den Weltraum) existieren?


@AlphaCephei wie meinst du "nicht biologisch"?


@2ndStar was ich mir vorstellen kann, ist, dass es irgendeine Art Bakterien oder sonstige nicht-intelligente Lebensformen gibt. Aber irgendetwas Alien mässiges wie man es aus dem Filmen kennt ist meiner Meinung nach eher unwahrscheinlich


nah, i think what apple did is a great implementation if your idea. simple and safe. just tap two phones together and contact info is shared. i think android should be able to do this too. but ofc, it's "Apple-only" like airdrop

piezzo, to tech

what are some cheap/lazy pc lifehacks which improved your pc ux? something like a long headphone cables or specific shortcots


@Honeybee i tried to set up WOL several times, but i always failed. idk why because theoretically everything is setup correctly. But anyways, nice inputs!


right now, i am reading deep work by cal newport

piezzo, to random

how do you keep your room cool? what device or technique do you use to not melt in your room?

piezzo, to fediverse

what is going on here?
well i am new to this whole fediverse/kbin/decentralized social media stuff but i am veeeery very interested at what all this is.

well its very complicated to "get the hang of" so can somebody please explain how all of this works? i im overwhelmed


@Noki thank you very much! I was looking for something like this.


@mightyweasel thank you very much for all of this information. definitly will add some details about me and a pic later!

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