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does author know about the Deckard thing that Valve is supposedly working on?
from what I understand, it will be some kind of Steam Machine with focus on In-Home Streaming.


ah, ok, I was thinking of “Galileo”:
cc @Voyajer


there is a channel in AF Discord
and there is /c/accursed_farms@sopuli.xyz, but there is not much going on in there.


doesn’t Steam Hardware Survey report way higher percentage of Linux users?

(Statista, Blackdown)

wouldn’t Valve’s numbers be more reliable?


Funny how people tend to quote Linus Torvalds on technical issues in order to prove a point. I hear the guy barely made it through college.

Actually, I lied about even that. I was thrown out of fourth grade because I couldn’t write my own name, and it’s been all downhill from there. I had to lie about getting into college just so that I’d have better chances of making a career here at McDonalds - if you have a college degree (or you lied about having one), they don’t make you scrape the burger pans.

heh, he had good sense of humour already back in 1999

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