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if it worked, there would be no unemployment.

They give people Housing, Basic Medical Care, Meals, Books, an Allowance, Clothing, and a Network of instructors and peers.

also that

before “but it needs funding!”

yeah, no shit.


I guess I got to be the first year to say it: this is fucking horrible, and we have to do everything we can in our power to stop this.

gregorum, (edited )

“I will continue the cruel cuntery, even if it causes the deaths of the children I have sworn to protect and educate. Oh, and for those who foolishly, and stupidly believe that this is pointless—hehehe… no, no… the cruel and vicious deaths of trans children are the point. and they will continue. Really… what can you do to stop us?” said the School Chief in a comment to a local news correspondent, frozen is shock.

the stakes have been laid out, the table is set, the game begun. if we lose, we die, people.

fight for your freedom and your lives, because that’s what they’ll take from you, in that order.


Sometimes I have to stop strangers on the street just to show them when I just read on my phone, because I don’t fucking believe what I just read on my phone. This is one of those times. Three other people just said, “what the fuck” because they couldn’t believe what they just read. I just shared shocking disbelief with three strangers.

This is been happening for 8 1/2 years because of this asshole. I’m sick and tired of it. Also the fascism. Especially the fascism.


All of these headlines should just read, “Trump Befuddles Speech Again” and “Trump Makes Stumbles and Gets Confused in Speech Again” because that’s what happened. Stop with allowing the spin from his campaign. Report it as a what happened. Go into specific detail in the article.


over the last near-decade I played with this for a while, and, really, there is no “best” because it depends on whatever may hurt him most which fluctuates depending on the moment. and what’s funny at the time. like… I almost get the appeal of him because I almost have fun hating him.

“Twice-impeached failed casino owner”

“Soon-to-be Broke rapist and Official New York Conman”

“Fake Billionaire and Tanning Bed Victim”

it goes on…

Trump's lawyers seek to suspend $83M defamation verdict, citing 'strong probability' it won't stand (

Donald Trump’s lawyers asked a New York judge Friday to suspend an $83.3 million defamation verdict against the former president, saying there was a “strong probability” that it would be reduced on appeal, if not eliminated....


Isn’t she already suing him a third time?

gregorum, (edited )

edit: I changed my mind

but let it be known that I hate this song with the burning fire of (infinity x (infinity big bangs)^infinity^)

edit 2: is there a mathematical symbol or expression for “infinite energy”? because that is how much I hate Faith of the Heart. Times infinity, to the infinieth power.

gregorum, (edited )

how I really feel

edit: wanna know the fucked up thing? I went screenshot-hunting on the googles, and I ended up finding an ancient reddit post I made. I couldn’t sanitize the rather awesome reddit account of mine because the fuckbag reddit shits banned it years ago.

I was OkToBeTakei on reddit (among about a dozen other prolific posting and commenting usernames over 18 years, as well as mod of a few notable subs). I made the username as soon as George Take made his video saying that it was Ok To Be Takei in response to Tennessee’s “Don’t ay Gay” bill passed in, 2011. I Mae the account both in protest of the law and to honor Takaei’s stance. link to video.

anyway, here’s the original reddit post about Miles O’Brien and this sonic scewdriver-like device, and me briefly discussing Doctor Who references in Trek: link

I wish I could find the link from this account about a rather amazing r/DaystromInstitute essay I wrote about Dukat and another about Damar, each about 7500 words, and each that won M-5’s post of the week which I no longer have copies of. Some mod may have archives of them, but they’re now lost to anyone else. They were good.

fuck you, reddit.


ironically, not that time. he was merely there to demand his duly-owed pest control.


oh wait that’s still infinity

ahem… to the infinieth power

I don’t care if that isn’t a thing; my hatred for that song is

  1. He actually did say to keep one program at the end of the episode.
  2. It took place in Holodeck 4 😬, IIRC, but whatever. I’m the one who is crazy and keeps editing my memes four times and reposting them because I noticed a spelling error. Lol.

I wouldn’t have noticed it except for a recent RLM video I posted here specifically about a lot of the errors you see in TNG Blu-rays, lol


Of voters. The vast majority of American people are against This, but the vast majority of American people don’t vote. 


what a wonderful time to never go to the beach again


but we do for the poor

Trump is about to be poor


it’s unlikely he’s even a billionaire now, as that valuation is entirely based off of what now is revealed to be entirely bullshit estimations pulled directly out of his ass of his worth. the fact that he cant’ even come up with a fraction of that in cash (he could barely come up with $5M for the first E. Jean Carroll judgement and is struggling to produce the $84M for the second) speaks volumes to that.

And, while he s certainly going to have to liquidate a great deal of his holdings to produce that cash necessary to pay for these judgements, it may turn out that:

  1. the percentage of his ownership of many of his real estate holdings is not sufficient to cover the total sum of the judgements against him and,
  2. he may already be leveraged on those holdings (mortgages, etc.) to banks, etc. so that their value is even less than his ownership stake, making them worthless in any sale.
  3. he may already have other undisclosed financial obligations which further impede his current financial standing.

the fact is: nobody knows how much Trump is truthfully worth but Trump. even he may not know, however, we are all about to find out, at long last.


“Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.”

– Frank Wilhoit


Ooof, he looks a lot more rough since the last time we saw him.

'A lot of money': Trump owes $87K in interest per day until he pays the fine in his civil fraud case (

Former President Donald Trump owes an additional $87,502 in post-judgment interest every day until he pays the $354 million fine ordered by Judge Arthur Engoron in his civil fraud case, according to ABC News’ calculations based on the judge’s lengthy ruling in the case....

gregorum, (edited )

After 30 days, enforcement mechanisms can be employed. Not only seizing property, but also garnishment of wages, putting liens on other properties, etc. Trump probably doesn’t completely own all of his properties, and some of his other properties may be already mortgaged up to the hilt, so they may not bear much if they are sold. During the discovery, for all of these enforcement actions, we may all find out that Trump is actually completely broke. That would also be fun.


some, maybe. it’s extremely complicated. and Trump may declare bankruptcy, which would cause his repayments to get reassessed and restructured.

but one thing is certain: Trump will be made to pay. He’s extremely fucked, at least financially. There’s no way now to delay or prevent it.

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