I want to get into coffee, where do I start?

So I have drank coffee on and off since I was a teenager, and I recently took probably a 2 year break from it. When I was drinking coffee, it was usually because they had a pod system at work, and it was an excuse to get up from my desk and take a break. With that said, I have been watching this Netflix show Resident Alien...

Place holder answer behavior

Earlier this week I discussed an example of ChatGPT giving ‘placeholder’ answers in lieu of real answers. Below is an example of what that looks like. I could swear this didn’t used to happen, but it basically just ‘doesn’t’ answer your question. I’m interested how often other people see this behavior....

Recommendations for a bug tracker/forum?

Does anyone have any recommendations for bug trackers with a forum feature? Basically something where users can report issues, request features, and ask questions, all about a specific service. Preferably, I’d like something that integrates with GitHub issues, but that’s not a requirement. Also I’d like something like a...

Free accessible endpoints for info on movies and TV shows? (Writing a script [or a program, haven't decided yet] for my brother)

Hey. My brother asked me if I could write him something that iteratively scans his directories for movies and scrapes the web for data on the movie. I know there probably exist dozens of such thing, the aim is to be minimal here. I need public-exposed endpoints that allow for scraping of their data. I just need the endpoints, I...

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