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Welcome to the Miniverse! 🛸 I’m Steve Berry, a Freelance Creative/Visual Artist based in Yorkshire 🇬🇧. I create cinematic scenes from my living room using practical FX, figures & miniature sets with only a tiny bit of digital work when needed. If you love movies you’ll be sure to enjoy my creations. 🚫AI 🚫NFTs avatar


Currently CTO at EnergySparks ( a UK charity helping schools be more energy efficient.

Freelancing part time (my background is in open data, data standards, infrastructure and sharing)

Ex. Director of Delivery at the Open Data Institute.

Proud dad of two kids. Likely posting about data, tech, energy, books, cooking, ttrpgs, comics and other nerdery. avatar


Freelance maker for hire at
Associate Editor at
Writer for Linux Format
Previously written for The MagPi, Electromaker, Linux User & Developer, KidsCodeCS, Linux Voice, micro_mag

All views are my own.
Greggs is life


Welcome to the Miniverse 🛸 I’m Steve Berry. I specialise in miniature photography, using practical FX, homemade sets & only a bit of digital work when needed, no green screen or CGI its all real


#Gamer / #Engineer / #Dad

When I’m not writing code or being a Dad, I love collecting and playing video games.

Also have a huge interest in #Photonics and #Quantum Mechanics… because why not.


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