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Reddit: u/Somewhereunknown7351

Hypixel forums: Someplaceunknown

WorldAnvil: Someplaceunknown

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Portrait artist combining drawing and knitting with digital tools. Art inspo and tips from a professional artist and arts administrator.

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Chaotic good or we can't be friends.

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Hi! I'm Nikki K. Nikki!

What do I do?

I'm an artist and programmer, I'm currently rekindling my creative drive

What do you use to draw?

I draw on a Huion Camvas and I use Krita for the software.

Repost policy

Please do not repost my artwork

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I do drawings. I like some anime, some games, most cars, some techy things, archery, writing, and mostly just browsing kbin.

If you want to see my art profiles-



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🎲 a random fact generator

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rider, mostly in and around .
Occasional , sound & light, growing vegetables, birding, street organs, draaiorgels, , , , ...

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Hi there! I'm a character artist and VTuber on Twitch!
Check out my stuff:

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Discord: WaveWalnut#3884
Mastodon: @wavewalnut
Kbin: @wave_walnut
Pixelfed: @wave_walnut

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If you like international and eclectic news, come and join me at @worldwithoutus (Link for Lemmy = worldwithoutus).

I've also started helping out at @worldnews, (Link for Lemmy = worldnews), @movies, (Lemmy = movies), and am a ghost at @13thfloor (Lemmy = 13th Floor).

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My name is Molly, but you can also call me "Molo" if that's more your style. I absolutely love drawing Sonic characters, and I find so much inspiration from checking out other people's artwork. On my page, you'll find all sorts of fun stuff like polls, updates, and much more. Helping others with their work brings me so much joy, and I often create drawings for them. I also enjoy collaborating with fellow artists on social media.

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Artist, rice enthusiast, and the normalest normal person you'll ever meet

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Today's social media transform us into merely numbers.
No problem for me.

Alts: @Kierunkowy74 ( @Kierunkowy74 (PieFed)
Polish account: @Kierunkowy74
Mastodon: @74 or @Kierunkowy74 (alt)

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Systems Engineer and Configuration
Management Analyst.

Postgrad degree is in computer science/cybersecurity, but my undergraduate is in archaeology. Someday, maybe, I’ll merge the two fields professionally!

I love true science fiction, as well as all things aviation, outer space, and NASA-related.

Also, Calvin and Hobbes is the best comic strip of all time! Check it out ;)

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"What is there in this world that truly makes living worthwhile?"
Death thought about it.
"Cats", he said eventually. "Cats are nice.”

― Terry Pratchett, Sourcery

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I enjoy artwork, music, riding my bike, and being outdoors.

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Scientist, programmer, gen artist, entropist, 🇨🇦 | PhD biophys | he/they | Aprendiendo Español (🇲🇽)

find my art, social links, and projects at

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Welcome to Vercimus Art!

Specializing in album art, graphic tees, social media banners, animated gifs, pixel art, comic book art, and more.

Open for commissions and eager to collaborate on larger projects! Hit me up for more info.

>>My Links<<

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Have ya been up to Minnesota eh?

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"Politics is the art of the possible, unless you're me. Then it's the art of doing whatever the hell you want."

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I am in my honeymoon phase with the fediverse.

I share what I've read and want others to discover also.

If you're into women's football or women's tennis join me on @WomensFootball and @WomensTennis.

Inspire us here : @inspirational.

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Hi there, I am a 44yo woman from Holland with a passion for art.

I mainly post and boost art and photo's, but I am always up for a nice conversation as well!

Sidenote: the art and photo's that I post either come from the public domain, or in the case of copyright I have permission from the artist / photographer to post it here. avatar


Götter sind für den Menschen unerreichbar...
🔴The world is full of colorful wonders. The Internet, full of nameless images.
Walls and photos have created artists. They should be named, too.
🔵Die Welt ist voller bunter Wunder. Das Internet, voller namenloser Bilder.
Wände und Fotos haben Künstler geschaffen. Sie sollten auch genannt werden.
#StreetArt #Art #Urbanart #Mastoart #Painting #Mural #Pasteup #StencilArt #Photography ➡️#APhotoLove avatar


A curated showcase celebrating creative talent from all around the world since 2011. avatar


I'm an artist who works with traditional media such as watercolor, ink, soft pastels and acrylic.
For me, inspiration is everywhere, especially in beautiful nature. My favorite subjects are animals, flowers, landscapes and colorful abstracts.
I love creating paintings that bring joy and happiness to the viewer.
If you like my art you can buy Fine art prints and more here:

#AYearForArt #artist #art #painting #mastoart #cats #birds #nature #abstract #FediGiftShop avatar


Sharon Cummings Art. I am passionate about my #artwork! Bright colors excite me. I am especially drawn to circles/mosaic. I love #writing #poetry.

We have an #organic homestead and grow our own #food.

As an Independent #Artist, I owe my ability to survive to kind people who support me and my #art! Collecting/BOOSTS/FOLLOWS APPRECIATED!

About Me:

I support human #EQUITY and #KINDNESS. avatar


Designer, artist, iPhone Notes limit pusher. I know the difference between a "font" and a "typeface", but I'm not obnoxious about it.

A note: while I CW the occasional political post, I don't typically CW things like faces or food. My art is weird, often includes eyes/faces/masks, and can be (I'm told) eerie.

Profile pic: a white pixel rendering of a small computer with a sad face, set on on a black background (Susan Kare's immortal "Sad Mac" icon). avatar



math-phys (PhD)・algorithmic art

I ride a bicycle, I build my own machines and use math.

lang: pt/en
+info: check webpages and hashtags

Colored circles inspired by Daniel Guerin's book: "Anarchism: From Theory to Practice". avatar


I am an American expat living on an island in the Gulf of Thailand. I am an artist, art promoter, and appreciator. My wife and I run a small animal assistance operation in our town. I sell quilts made by my mom too! Follow me, I post a lot of cool stuff! ~ #artforsale #artmarket #artist #commissions #commissionsopen #tcm #NAFO #comicbooks #art #artist #bobsburgers #dogs #cats #therollingstones #ncaa #nfl #vanderpumprules #animals #gundam #quilts #thatssoraven #etc avatar


Hi, I specialize in fine art photography and reside in Newport on the Oregon Coast. I venture into seascape, vintage automotive, train and aircraft art. Also, garden, architectural and landcape. My photography art is available for home and office in a variety of formats to fit every budget. USMC Veteran!

Please explore my Gallery at:

#BuyIntoArt #Art #Photography #Fotografie
#ArtForSale #NauticalDecor #VintageCars #WallArtForSale #BeachCottageDecor avatar


Interests include Shin-hanga (新版画) and Sosaku-hanga (創作版画), art movements during the Taisho (1912-1926) and Showa (1926-1989) periods of 20th century Japan. avatar


Soy un aleph en el fediverso mastodóntico. avatar


Maker / Designer / Creative; electronics, digital fabrication, art, photo, video, printmaker, noise, cats, physical computing, USB, MIDI, MKE, progressive, searchable… I've been blogging since 1997, what!? See and ❤️ Just my toots? Sure! avatar


Welcome to my page! I love creating art that brings smiles to people's faces. Art is my outlet. I don't stick to one type of art, rather I let my soul guide me. This can range from abstracts, to cat art, to the beautiful to the goofy, it all depends on the day. Thanks for stopping by.

If you are interested in any of my pieces, they are available on a wide range or products, from canvas, metal, wood, posters, stationary, tote bags, and more. Pricing and sizes are available on my website. avatar


R. Natale Fine Art - Photography is my passion, especially B&W. I believe that ART uplifts and expands the heart and soul. Collecting art is a wonderful journey. Boosts and comments and follows are always appreciated! #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #Photography


Twitter: avatar


A Canadian cartoonist/filmmaker, Mr. Annable is the creator of the Grickle Channel, and co-director of Laika’s The Boxtrolls. avatar


An online comic by and about dust and frowns and glass!

Intended for mature readers. 🍖🍑 avatar


22 year old FIU Alumni with a BA in art! Here to promote and sell my artwork to the world- come take a look! avatar


@tasty_plots on Twitter/Instagram avatar


Hi, I'm Deborah. When I'm not creating art, I love spending time with my family & being in nature.

All images available as wall art for home or office as well as on fabulous products!

I am always grateful for collectors, boosts, favs and comments!

Copyright notice does not appear on images purchased. All images are shown in low resolution. Click the link to see the image as it would print. avatar


Welcome to Krazy Kat's Kunt & Kornhole Kreamery, your one-stop shop for #porn, #prose and #piss. Now with more

#lesbian #porn #stories and #comics, #erotic #interactive #fiction #games, #tits, #pics and #slutty #chix with a special dose of #domination, #humiliation, #degradation, #watersports and #fisting.

This timeline is strictly for adults and should be treated as such. All followers are hidden for your privacy.

#fedi22 avatar


Potter and sculptor, beagle person, vegan straight edge. Ithaca, NY
#pottery #clay #ceramics #art #mastoart
like what you see? hit the Etsy link below to shop! avatar


game/film #composer • does daily #PixelArt#VFX/motion graphic artist • occasionally #gamedev • posts gaming and gamedev news, and new steam store pages • he/him 🏳️‍🌈

#Fedi22 #Music #PixelArt avatar


Commissions Open
Artist for MC Eternal 2
Indie Game Designer, Pixel Artist, Bird, Disney Princess, Minecraft Mod Dev, Mimic Girl.

Like my stuff? Please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi!

#pixelart #aseprite #art #digitalart #dnd #lgbt #gamedev #indiedev #mastoart #minecraft avatar


The photographic art of Joseph S. Giacalone. Bringing the beauty, creativity, and inspiration of photographic art into your life.

Greatly appreciate your support as an Independent #Artist

In the end it's still about #Love and #Kindness avatar


Painter of microbes, photographer of squirrels, worshiper of cats, thinker of thoughts

She/her avatar


Full-time palaeo-reconstruction artist. If it's dead & long gone, I'll bring it back to life. You will have seen my art in books, museums, or on TV somewhere...

#Art #Painting #PaleoArt #PalaeoArt #SciArt #SciComm #DigitalArt #Illustration #Dinosaurs #Birds #Reptiles #Palaeontology #Paleontology avatar


Oldschool Zelda-like where you play as a Wolf cub! 🐺
Inspired by the GameCube and PS2 era

🌍 Nancy, France avatar


Hi, I'm Hika. I love cyborg prince, Wing, ex-Soul Eater Rune bearer, and a king. どうもぉ。Hikaです。#今井翼 と#堂本光一 とサイボーグ王子が大好き. #onepunchman #mobpsycho100 #Radiant #WildARMS #Suikoden #pokemon #DrSTONE #StoryofSeasons #TokyoRevengers #Otome

Art Tag: #HikArt

PKMN TSV(X4011,OR2819,S3963) avatar


Sharon Cummings Art. I am passionate about my #artwork! Bright colors excite me. I am especially drawn to circles/mosaic. I love #writing #poetry.

We have an #organic homestead and grow our own #food.

As an Independent #Artist, I owe my ability to survive to kind people who support me and my #art! Collecting/BOOSTS/FOLLOWS APPRECIATED!

About Me:

I support human #EQUITY and #KINDNESS. avatar


Vermont & Netherlands.

Making things for screens and walls. avatar


#ADHD and #actuallyAutistic woman. Is artsy! Loves: animals, food, Square-Enix, Geeky Stuff, cute stuff. Twitch #emote artist


I make things... avatar


#Flipboard :flipboard: is my platform of choice. Partner at Hoticemedia. #DigitalArtist. Aspiring #Photographer. #Marketer by day and #Artist by night. #Traveler. #Art, #GraphicDesigner


Iris Richardson : NJ independent artist & art educator / Rowan U. I have a love for color and macro.

Your support through Collecting • Boosting & Following allows me to be the artist I am, and to give back in kind. Post in German & English
Thank you!

“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse

#FediArt #ArtGifts #Art #MastoArt #Painting #OriginalArt #Gifts #Mastodon #Handmade #Photography #Gardening #AYearOfArt #LivingArtist

About me: avatar


Welcome to Flipboard’s celebration of creativity and visual culture. Focused mostly on art and photography picks, we’re curating imagery that makes you think and/or revel in its interestingness. Posts are handpicked by curator

#Photography #Art #MastoArt #DigitalArt #FediArt

Header photo: Silhouette of young woman standing against illuminated and colourful bokeh lights background in the city at night avatar


Hello, my name is Kaye. I live in Sydney, Australia, and as a mum of 2 grown up children, my main interest now in life is my love for photography and art that I would like to share with the world. avatar


Middle-aged gay nerd. A country boy currently based in #Baltimore, currently working in public transit advocacy. A poet with a mean right cross. Single (Hi, guys!), reads too much, hoping life has more to offer. Anxiety sufferer. He/him.


Watercolor artist born in Argentina living in California. avatar

pinskal avatar


The thoughts and art of Lisa Blackwell-Dickinson- hippie mother, scruffy ol’ home-edder who likes to burn stuff. She/her avatar


Photography / Digital Art fanatic … my images are based on my own photography (not from stock or "public domain") … or I create them freehand from my imagination or observation. For my digital paintings, I love using #CorelPainter or #Rebelle … and of course there are usually some tweaks in #Photoshop. I don’t use artificial Intelligence programs. #NotAi Come visit me at my main website, here: #HumanMadeArt avatar


🖤 Human #clay #artist & #illustrator, often working with #popculture themes
🖤 Late diagnosed #Autistic with #MCAS
🖤 #fedi22
🚫 #NoAIArt + #NoNFTs avatar


Independent #OkieArtist with eclectic style. I specialize in old school digital mixed media and have a passion for abstract and fractal art. I also love all things
vintage. Check my links to see more of my work. Lets make 2024 #AYearForArt again

Thank you for your support of my work whether you boost or buy! I am always honored when someone loves my art enough to take it home with them. If you are a fan, please let me know! The encouragement is priceless to me!


Nature and fine art photographer in Northern Ontario Canada.
Photographing the beauty of nature.
#AYearForArt #Photography #Wildlife #Birds avatar


Independent Researcher, Artist, and Maker

Accidentally studied in alphabetical order: Anthropology, Biology, and Computer Science.

Love collaborations and occasional commissions!

#DataViz #DataArt #GenerativeArt #art #SciArt #SciComm #CreativeCoding

Admin here on, and also (as Posting more of my art as

arkadiusz avatar


Unofficial Official LucasArts dork ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ♡
#LucasArts & #Nintendo love

Former corporate #business manager turned #videogames publishing person: Gabriel Knight Anniversary Edition, Cognition, The Last Door, and more via Phoenix Online Studios

Publishing Taito's Space Invaders Deck Commander, along with Spooky Jump Scare Mansion HD via Rock it Games

☆ I love retrogaming ☆

Also, Doodle O'Clock, #LucasArtsMonth, Monkey Island Shenanigans, and Spoopshow doodle dork avatar


I am an independent fine art painter who creates images celebrating life, light, truth, thought, and joy. You can find my prints at avatar


NFTs are an automatic block. I like pixel art, indie dev, video games, and nerd stuff. Tell me FFXIV stories please. #indiedev #pixelart #videogames #ffxiv


#Antifascist #Generalist

Be excellent to each other.

Except for #Fascists. They can get fucked.

If you aren't a #Nazi but I annoy you, you can mute my #Boosts

"Help grow your #local #bee & #Butterflies polulation"

Make Punching Nazis Cool Again


"The Resistance Will Be Federated"

🙏 Take my Stuff (Original posts CC-BY-SA 4.0)

Also at & with Resistance International

No TERFs or astroturf

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