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Woke Antifa Mobster. 24/7/365 stream of: news, salty commentary and vitriol from a mostly leftist/progressive perspective. News feed is my own custom, hippie-biased algo. Commentary is me. I try to answer in a somewhat timely manner but often fail, so... sorry. #fedi22 #news #resist #antifa #woke #politics #socialjustice #fbr #ifb #science #openscience #openaccess #opendata #reproducibility #opensource #foss #privacy #based avatar


We are a husband and wife team sharing the best deals on tabletop games we can find.

Some links will be affiliate links denoted by #ad, using these links costs you NOTHING more but gives us a small kick back to offset the time we spend finding these deals.

As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

No not everything we share will be Amazon deals, but they do tend to have the best sales.

See a deal we missed we welcome you to tag us! avatar


Fresh IT news from a variety of sources. Public service by @emanuel


The account of AI6YR Ben, on his own server. Also at (ham radio). Yes, I'm the guy who found that hiker using only the selfie of his feet. If you want to support this server, avatar


In the 21st century people are drowning in information. Email, instant messaging, news feeds, and of course the web. A small group of developers has taken up the fight: us.

We are developing apps that tame the information flood, based on our own artificial intelligence technology. We all are Mac users by heart and are writing solely on the Mac and for macOS and iOS. avatar


Co-host of "The Dalrymple Report", a podcast dedicated to tech, friendship, and curiosities.

I wrote Audio Cupcake (audio processing app), bunch of dev books, created (hockey site) support kindness and community,

CMU/Stanford alum.



Maker / Designer / Creative; electronics, digital fabrication, art, photo, video, printmaker, noise, cats, physical computing, USB, MIDI, MKE, progressive, searchable… I've been blogging since 1997, what!? See and ❤️ Just my toots? Sure! avatar


Founder of Kalyna Marketing.
Ukrainian in NYC 🇺🇦 | ADHD + BPD | Cat mom 🐱

Pronouns: she/her

Bigotry not allowed. I do not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny, antisemitism, or fascism.

Art & creative writing account: ‪

tfr #fedi22 #marketing #content #tech #b2b #adhd avatar


Linux Magazine is your guide to the world of Linux and open source. Founded in 2000, Linux Magazine focuses on real-life, practical techniques and delivers a premium blend of insightful technical information on a range of topics, including tutorials, in-depth articles on trending topics, troubleshooting and optimization tips, and more! or avatar


Welcome to my profile! I’m Peter, a former Barrie Green Party President and a current leader in two amazing organizations: and #LivingGreenBarrie.

I love sci-fi and I’m passionate about creating positive change. Tip me: #fedi22 #Canada #Politics #SocialJustice #CanadianGreens #J2DW Live Long and Prosper! 🖖 avatar


Astronomy, space, Android, retrocomputing, Lisp, coding.

No stock photos, SEO, marketing, clickbait, ads, or calls to action. I Just enjoy sharing my geeky interests. avatar


Ron Swanson + Kenny Powers + Ryan Reynolds

IT Network Operations for the day job.

C/Ku/Ka-Band #satellite Communications Expert 🛰️

APRS/ADS-B #radio guy 📻

#Cyberpunk OG :anarchy:
Gamer tag: Ea9leEye1969

Professional Storm Chaser - ⚡

#Breaking News/Weather guy 📡


Level 45 in this game of life.

Used to #DJ radio/clubs.

#BBS #SysOp in the 90's

Bird site Transplant. 14 years

Main site:

#TFR avatar


A podcast looking at comics history, pop culture, and how the two connect. Also: Swears.

Art by IG: lookmomdraws avatar


Pronouns: He/They

Chef, Dad, Dad Joke Enthusiast, 30 something weirdo, Digital Artist, Metalhead, Tattoo Nerd, Avid Gamer.

ADHD neurodivergent, occasionally genderfluid.

Paypal Tips ->

Use #deathmetaldad for heavy metal suggestions
Use #brokeartist for my artistic endeavors avatar


🔴 L’info n’est pas une course, c’est une quête.

Coulisses des pouvoirs, violences sexuelles, urgence climatique… Votre média indépendant et sans publicité.



An individual out taking photos and creating designs - selling my stuff on stock photography, Pixels and Redbubble sites. avatar


:PaintBrush: Artist & Designer :ComputerClassic:

Lowly spec on a blue dot.
Captain Novice on an island. Self-propelled artist, graphics, web, & type designer, painter, creator & collaborator @

Observer, analog tech, skateboarder, surfer, snowboarder, father, and coffeer ☕️
#artist #designer #webDesigner #painter #VWBus #ButterLabel #CreamCo #luxuryluke he/him 🥐☕️❤️

Artist Trust WA
National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society avatar


Policy guy, working on platform regulation, content moderation, data protection and surveillance ads.

Digital security trainer, cyclist, lover of the outdoors. Formerly writing for

#DSA #DMA #TrackingFreeAds #Surveillance #Decentralisation #Policy #Privacy #DataProtection #Cycling avatar


Solutions Architect. Recovering project manager. Maker of small-batch, artisanal bad jokes. avatar


Tinkerer, Writer for Hackspace Magazine, Tindie, Kids Code CS, FreeCAD and more. Forged in the heart of a mountain. avatar


An Ottawa-based Ross who is inspired by people who have interests and pursue them.

Physics degreed, engineering careered. Enthusiastic about makerism, science, food, culture and art/design. Inordinately fond of breadmaking and chair design.

Trivialities, ephemera and daily activities.
#Ottawa #Canada #maker avatar


"If it is interesting, boost it. You are not on Twitter" Political Communication Prof and University Professor of AI & Society w special emphasis on media and democracy U Amsterdam Co-Director @algosoc and AI, Media & Democracy Lab Director of Digital Democracy Centre U Southern Denmark @DDC_SDU #commodon #polcomm #journalism #media #tech #disinformation #AI #democracy 🇩🇰 🇳🇱🇪🇺 avatar


Programmer/Systems Analyst, Gamer Girl, Streamer, Absurdist, Premier Remix Culture Enjoyer, Voter.

Genderfluid, She/Her.

Send me cool unique games no one's heard of.

All Social etc links here: avatar


Founded in 2010, ADMIN Network & Security magazine is the source for technical solutions to the real-world problems sysadmins face every day. Our advanced technical content helps improve admin skills with practical articles on security, Cloud computing, DevOps, HPC, storage and more!

ADMIN print and digital magazines are available for purchase at: or avatar

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An editor and amateur woodworker in the traditional vein. Gaucher! Originally from the Pacific Northwest but now calling Alsace home. In the fedi since 2017. This one is for the wood and other handy-crafts. Nature first and low impact. Tooots self-destruct after a spell but the worthy stuff is journaled eventually. avatar


Offizieller Account der Deutschen Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft (DVPW) e.V. | official account of the German Political Science Association (GPSA) |

Folge unserer Gruppe für Nachrichten aus der (deutschen) #Politikwissenschaft:

#PoWi #PolSci #Politikwissenschaft #PoWiLehre #Wissenschaft #Fachgesellschaft avatar


Bald Eagle, been in the furry fandom since 2006. Numerous hobbies but can’t keep up with any of them. Chicken dad. Happily married to What do people put in bios? mastodon instance owner/administrator.


Artist, producer, mixing and mastering engineer, PublMe founder (, Life Cycle Ltd. co-founder (, music tech enthusiast, Vladislav.


#music #tech #musicproduction #artist
#development #musician #producer #engineer #FreedomMusic #PublMe #VLCAM #LifeCycleLtd #TheMusicverse #federated #indieweb #fedi22 avatar


Longer hair than you.
Got the ⏻ symbol into #Unicode.
Open Standards / Source / Data geek.
Known as on most social platforms.
Did an MSc in using the Metaverse for analytics.
Bit obsessed with #SolarPower but not quite a #SolarPunk. avatar


Overeducated, underqualified. Always a dabbler, never a professional. He/him/his. I am in #Denton TX USA

#sdf #powerpop #pcusa #economics #geography #cartography #transportation #ActiveTransportation #policing #SocialJustice
I love #cars but would rather be riding the #bus and #trains

Just an opinionated SDF member for 18+ years.

[Profile header is version of The Fight Between Carnival and Lent, Pieter Bruegel] avatar


SW-engineer who makes and, both apps designed to make marketing easier for people who don’t /want/ to do #marketing but feel they /must/.

Video enthusiast. I love "Matrix".
#fedi22 avatar


Gay Furry Male Techno-Socialist


I was a hipster before it was cool. Also run a blocklist:

PODCAST! avatar


The official Mastodon page for ProPublica.

Pursuing stories with moral force.


The UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) gives independent guidance, training, and advice in good research practice, to improve #ResearchCulture in the UK. Charity no. 1147061. #ResearchIntegrity #PublicationEthics #ResearchEthics #tfr avatar


DeGoogled & pro-privacy smartphones and online workspace: a mobile ecosystem for ethical tech seekers. avatar


Entrepreneur, Designer, Sculptor, Builder, Inventor, Curler. Oh, and Extreme Native CA Gardener, Beek, Progressive, Connoisseur of the B-Side, Proud Oaklander. Among other things. avatar


FOSSlife provides resources and insight into the world of free and open source software to help build your career with FOSS.

Joined Mastodon Aug 2020. To view past posts, please visit the archive at avatar


Engineering lead and author-publisher ( · #OReilly reviewer and author, Google Developer Expert (#GDE) avatar


Author of "Program Management for Open Source Projects" and all-around opinion haver. Always looking for my next tornado. I get too invested in sports. avatar


Founder of Susan's Place Transgender Resources, the world's largest and one of the oldest #transgender support websites. I am a #PostOp #Trans #woman living her #AuthenticLife in #Tennessee. (She/Her) avatar


Writer or artist or something. Probably nothing. - London.

If you want to know the main theme of this account ... I generally like to critique things. I usually critique art, books, TV, Movies, etc. And quite often I'm interested story structure and logic. I guess that's my USP or something.

I post either on the Fediverse or on my #PsychicDrool blog.

I love avant-garde stuff, love noisy music. I'm currently into John Coltrane. Got shit I've written on Smashwords. avatar


~/# I'm a ☕ loving WebDev and FLOSS Geek with some 3D and cryptography experience. Punk attitude and own radio show 👨‍💻 I post here mostly in German and in English and the most are deleted after 30 days ⌨️ work in progress… avatar


👨‍👩‍👦 father
💻 IT specialist
🎨 frontend designer
👾 PC gamer
🎧 music fan
📰 news reader avatar


I share my experience with phenylketonuria on PCU Blogue in English et en français. :superpcu:
Gars du Lac St-Jean au #Québec.
I love photography, cinema, music and a huge interest in global health.


Not tall. Occasionally crafty geek in Seattle. he/him


Unicorn in space. 🦄

Generally post about tech, science, books, gaming, sports, or animals. I try to be positive; there's enough negativity in the world, especially on social media.

I am:

📚 A bookworm.
👩‍💻 A techie, developer, and privacy advocate.
🐧 A Linux/FOSS user.
🎮 A casual gamer.
🏃‍♀️ A fitness enthusiast, running & yoga.
🏈 Sporty.
🌳 Fascinated by geoscience and nature.
🌙 Wiccan.
💘 Claimed by a Viking (

👋 I am @TiffyBelle.

🔎 Posts searchable via avatar


Host of An open conversation about the news and views that capture our attention every week. Taking calls live on Sundays at 9pm Central.

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