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This wad made me feel like it was going to be a great Spooktober material, but now that's so many people played it, commented on it, and loved it, and now John himself is playing it, I really wanna play it myself and join the still fresh talks.

On Doom, no less, the game that breathed in so much life into the FPS genere and thus modern gaming as a whole, released back in 1993, and yet still active and alive thanks to its community! I love modding!


His disappointed sigh when he realized he couldn't break the shower door glass to get the shotgun, haha. Fun video.

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I'd never played doom before, but I tried MyHouse.pk3 and blimey it was one of the most intense gaming experiences I've ever had. I'd encourage anyone who might find this video interesting to try it out on their own first.

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Watching him play it and see all the tiny details is super fun. He picked up on the music changes really fast

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Watching him wince as he realizes he needs free look...classic:D


I love that he found a whole bunch of stuff I never encountered!

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I can't get it to work properly with gzdoom. It doesn't change. The level stays the same and let's me leave


The download has two versions of the map, the wad and pk3, you want the pk3.


I wonder how many community doom mods/wads John Romero has played over the years
I know he's mentioned Ancient Aliens before

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I haven't watched this video yet but I've heard about myhouse.wad so I'm expecting this to be interesting.

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It's very liminal / backroomsy

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