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how many friends have you lost over playing monopoly

#starwars #game #games

how many friends have you lost over playing monopoly

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Possibility Space, an indie game studio that launched in 2021 with the goal of creating a AAA title, has been shut down abruptly. In an email to staff, CEO Jeff Strain blamed an employee leak about the studio's major title to a Kotaku reporter. This, Strain said, led to an unnamed publisher expressing "low confidence" about funding the studio, and the cancelation of the title by mutual agreement. Engadget attempts to make sense of the sequence of events here.

#Games #Gaming #VideoGames #GameDev #GamesIndustry #PossibilitySpace

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Do yourself a favor and enjoy the TeeKO section of our last Jackbox night, or just all of it.VOD live, blah blah

If you don't have jackbox I HIGHLY recommend picking up at least pack 4 for cheap and trying it with your least stuck up friends.

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I finished this painting, I’ll post the scan sometime soon. But I love Nidhana so much

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ProtonUp-Qt 2.9.2 is here! Fixes game crash issues and improves user interface for a smoother gaming experience on Steam.

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Is anyone playing Islands of Insight? Can't find the green match for this box in Dyads in the Mist, does anyone know where it is?

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You know what’s hilarious about people complaining so much about digital only games purchases? Those same people keep buying them.

If the income is still incoming, the complaints become just noise.

If you truly hate online only digital only games purchases, stop buying them. Publishers don’t measure game popularity in how noisy people complain. They measure popularity in dollars.

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"Mattel is to launch a new version of Scrabble which is designed to be more collaborative and accessible for those who find word games intimidating."

  • Helper cards, simpler scoring
  • Quicker to play
  • Original game on the flip side of the board

I like the concept. Wonder if the Monopoly folks might do the same.

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If I don't see a single in the 2024 adaptation of , I'm going to rate it with 1 star. 👻

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My video on Wayfarers of the South Tigris is out now! This video will give you a run down in 4 minutes on how the game plays.

Unfortunately, the long form video had some corrupted audio that I'm going to have to re-do this weekend. So, if you were looking forward to the full setup and gameplay explanation, you'll have to wait just a little bit longer.

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Okay. I know I poopooed AI and all that, BUT I just discovered an end use that’s actually helpful! — Asking it how to win boss fights in video games!

Finally. All those billions and billions invested by tech venture capitalists paying off.

Though… I do worry how this will affect Big Videogame Guides. But maybe it’s time to knock those hoity toity guide makers down a peg, eh?

#videogames #artificialintelligence #ai #chatgpt #microsoft #gaming #games #bossfight

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Ich habe letztens Rime durchgespielt, ein sehr schönes Indie Adventure von Tequilla Works. In dem Spiel rätselt man sich über eine Insel und in eine emotionale Geschichte. Diese wird wortlos nur über die Bilder erzählt und ist zwar traurig aber nicht überpräsent. Die meiste Zeit ahnt man zwar eine gewisse Tragik, kann aber das Spiel trotzdem genießen.

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Hands down one of the best RPG’s I own that still holds up till today.

Chrono Trigger

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Finished just now... I'm so melancholic right now. Loved the characters, the pace and the story. One of the I liked more, maybe just a little less than .
Worth every single penny.

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Mattel is launching a new version of Scrabble that is designed to be more collaborative than the original. The original board will still be sold, but on its flip side will be a new game, which is designed to be shorter and includes helper cards and a simpler scoring system. The BBC has this breakdown. What do you think?

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Holy "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" Batman❗

Had no idea this "turn-to-page" comic book existed for BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS.

Just catalogued into THE VIDEO GAME LIBRARY:

#Batman #Superhero #Comic #Comics #ComicBooks #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon #VideoGame #VideoGames #Games #Game #Gaming #Gamer #BlackMask #BatmanArkhamOrigins #PS3 #WiiU #Xbox #Xbox360 #PlayStation

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Ja gail, das wusste ich gar nicht. Das werde ich mir sofort ansehen :ablobcatbongo:

Triple-I Initiative: Indie-Games-Showcase heute ab 19 Uhr

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Good progress made on #OctopathTraveler 2 on the train. Making my way through the 1st chapters of each story. Gorgeous and amazing stories so far!

#gaming #videogames #jrpg #rpg #games


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Launching a #games charity #bundle for Palestine on April 12th! All proceeds go the PCRF.

Bundle de más de 370 juegos y cómics muy guapos, todo lo que se saque irá para el fondo de ayuda a niñes de #Palestina, apuntaoslo:

#gaming #comics #palestine

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This is a interactive fiction game where the player makes choices to determine the outcome of the story. One of the endings is the true ending. The game is based on and inspired by the story 'Union Of Sorrows: The Beginning.

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When I was a youngster in the late 1980s, I formed an Amiga game dev team with 2 friends.

Before making games, we started by trying to sell game music that used minimal RAM, made with our music editor SIDmon.

To promote our game music, this energetic music module was composed by our musician Ramon Braumuller. The file, including tiny sampled sounds, is only 22 kilobytes.

Check the hashtag for more tunes.

metin, avatar

Our small dev team's Amiga game Hoi was released worldwide on 3.5 inch diskettes in 1992.

This tune was composed by our musician Ramon Braumuller for a hidden bonus level in level 2.

Most of the game tunes were designed to be repeated, hence the abrupt ending.

Check other posts in this thread and the #TeamHoi hashtag for more tunes and info.

#commodore #amiga #chiptune #music #ElectronicMusic #RetroComputing #RetroGaming #game #games #gamer #GameDev #retro #VintageComputing #synth #audio

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