beanjbunny, to FFXIV avatar

Also my Warrior of Light looks AWESOME in the new engine! Face 2s Stay Winning, I tell you what #ffxiv #gaming #videogames #finalfantasy


joel, to worms avatar

I've played a couple of rounds of on my with another 5 friends and it's some of the best fun I've had in a while I gotta say.

Also a shout-out for although the main game mode is not playable locally. The party mode is quite fun still

EighthLayer, to gaming avatar

Really looking forward to playing Manor Lords now after watching City Planner Plays’ video! It goes into Early Access in less than two weeks! 🤩

Xandor, to VideoGames avatar

Babe wake up, new 3 hour long explanation on invisible walls in Super Mario 64 just dropped.

mvtracing, to SimRacing avatar

We've been having a rough go of it over the past few weeks, with major troubles in 3 of the last 4 races in the MCRL Circuit Cup Series. Bristol, Richmond, and Martinsville were all disastrous, so we're hoping to turn things around this week at Texas Motor Speedway.

Not our best track, but as long as we can keep it clean, a top-10 finish would be a welcome result.

Watch live Wednesday night at 8pm ET on

stefan, to VideoGames avatar

I don't particularly care for city-building games, but this one is intriguing.

"[...] both people and wild animals have homes, form groups, need social interaction, and need food, water, and sleep. They also need a healthy temperature range and weather to live comfortably. Plants, too, need the right temperature and enough water to thrive.

[...] pollute too much, and the local population can disappear."


beanjbunny, to gaming avatar

DONE! I DID IT, my first Ludum Dare! You can now play Veggie Harvest here: Summon your favorite vegetable deities to get points and make sure you get an excellent harvest this year.


renwillis, to VideoGames avatar

Cruising along on my Chapter 1s in #OctopathTraveler 2, Hikari done! - anyone else play this game??

#videogames #gaming #jrpg #rpg #games #nintendo #nintendoswitch


TechDesk, to tech avatar

A tech editor recently played Game Boy Advance games on his iPhone thanks to a new emulator called iGBA, which may be the first Game Boy Advance emulator allowed on the App Store since Apple began allowing emulators last week. But is the app an unauthorized copy? Read more at @theverge.
#Tech #Apple #AppStore #Gaming #VideoGames #GameBoy

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Going to be streaming Mega Man Royale Revival (by Red1) NOW. #MegaMan #MegaManClassic #Fangame #VideoGames #Gaming

hatnix, to linux German avatar

[LIVE] with „Vaporum“. We return into the Arx Vaporum. Marcus Rike lerns more about the madness that went on there, and how his wife and his daughter were involved. In English language, and of course on .

PixelBandits, to VideoGames avatar

Retro gamers hooooo. We're in Kalm to carry on with our FFVII stream on original hardware

Join us for a safe and inclusive online community, dad jokes, and viewer participation.

Picture description - a screenshot from final fantasy 7. Text reads "keep Kalm and stream on. Continuing our final fantasy 7 adventure. Live on original hardware. Sundays from 19:30 BST"

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What's your favourite game❓

The Official Complete Works immerses you in the breathtaking artwork of this iconic RPG through its characters and world.


mikey, to FFXIV avatar

The characters look so much better with the graphical update! Well, everything looks better... but I'm happy with how my Highlander looks.

retrodanuart, to gaming avatar

In a distopic future, infernal creatures destroyed the earth. Any survivors were taken and used as slaves. Their lives had become a horrible nightmare from which they might never awaken.

arek, to Nintendo Polish avatar

Kupiłem na pchlim targu drugą jednostkę Nintendo Wii tylko dla pada 😅

SirTapTap, to retrogaming avatar

when mfs really just think they can walk right into your Zone

digitalhuman, to DOOM avatar
Lordbogle, to streaming Spanish avatar

Hoy probamos juego nuevo con el en mi canal de twitch vengan genteee!

darth, to JRPG avatar

I want to give the #JRPG genre a try. I have been thinking about this for more than a year and I eventually settled on #OctopathTraveler as the perfect JRPG (probably). And now there is that second dilemma: Should I play the first one or skip to the second one? The Internet claims the games are unrelated and the second one is simply better.

#Gaming #VideoGames

deconspray, to gaming avatar

Can I Play That? works to share stories that influence game updates, inform disabled players, educate and entertain players and developers, and provide a voice for one of the largest player bases in the industry.

boilingsteam, to linux avatar
boilingsteam, to linux avatar
VJ_Efemerides, to Terminator Catalan avatar

Aquest any es compleixen 30 anys que arribava "RoboCop Versus the Terminator" per "Mega Drive" de 🕹🎮.


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