ricard, to gaming
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Look at this cute little thing 🤩

It emulates a dozen consoles with hundreds of games (already included).

Will start by rocking some old Pokemon games :ablobcatbongo:

If you're interested, it's called: ANBERNIC RG35XX Plus.

DataAngler, to pokemon
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Is there a parent of a #pokemon obsessed child who can clarify if you just "buy" packs of gold Pokemon cards on Amazon? Is that legit? the interwebs suggest these are ultra-rare

bulbagarden, to pokemon
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Pokémon GO comes to Melbourne, Australia this April 26th to 28th for DreamHack Melbourne, with in-person gameplay at Melbourne & Olympic Parks https://bulbagarden.net/threads/pokemon-go-comes-to-melbourne-australia-this-april-26th-to-28th-for-dreamhack-melbourne-with-in-person-gameplay-at-melbourne-olympic-parks.301398/ #pokémon

bulbagarden, to pokemon
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Major updates to Pokémon GO's user experience continue rolling out globally as avatar changes continue to provoke significant community backlash https://bulbagarden.net/threads/major-updates-to-pokemon-gos-user-experience-continue-rolling-out-globally-as-avatar-changes-continue-to-provoke-significant-community-backlash.301397/ #pokémon

bulbagarden, to pokemon
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Celebrate Japan's Golden Week in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet with more Mass Outbreaks, and the return of Walking Wake and Iron Leaves to Tera Raids https://bulbagarden.net/threads/celebrate-japans-golden-week-in-pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-with-more-mass-outbreaks-and-the-return-of-walking-wake-and-iron-leaves-to-tera-raids.301396/ #pokémon

Elenyafinwe, to crochet
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Did you ever want to give a lil egg with lil arms and lil legs a new home? Now is your chance! My shop has a total of 3 crocheted that wait for a new home. It could be yours!

Shop: https://payhip.com/b/scqh1

renwillis, to iPhone
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Anyone else on picking up a bunch of Advance games for the ?

I've tinkered with Mother 3 and Golden Sun but wanted to explore other games, maybe try my first game!

mdmrn, to HashtagGames
developerjustin, to pokemon
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This is cool as hell. If you showed this to a kid in 1999, they would lose their mind.

Or today even



tk, to pokemon
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I still say is a zombie franchise. :blobfoxmlem:

shalien, to pokemon French
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Bon bah plié + les dlc et l'épilogue avec les Pokedex au complet, plus qu'à transférer tout ça vers Pokémon home et j'aurais le national Dex a jour

shalien, to pokemon French
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Pokémon go a supprimé les notions de genre et permet de personnaliser son corps et ses vêtements

bulbagarden, to pokemon
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Liko And Floragato, Put All Your Heart Into It - Pokémon Horizons Episode 47 Review - A Sweetheart's Bittersweet Challenge https://bulbagarden.net/threads/liko-and-floragato-put-all-your-heart-into-it-pokemon-horizons-episode-47-review-a-sweethearts-bittersweet-challenge.301387/ #pokémon

wolffoxkatana, to pokemon
@wolffoxkatana@bark.lgbt avatar

A little sewing project I made for sis's birthday. A totadile head (left first attempt at hand sewing a year ago. Right sewn in March of this year)

#Pokemon #totadile #handmade #handsewing #handsewn

Totadile head hand sewn the end of March 2024

capypara, to pokemon
@capypara@guild.pmdcollab.org avatar

The beta release for version 2 of @skytemple Randomizer is out! It's completely rewritten in GTK 4 and Adwaita and runs on Linux (Flathub), macOS and Windows!

Thanks to Workbench, Blueprint Compiler and GNOME's HIG redesigning the UI was actually a lot of fun, and the new UX just feels so nice and satisfying to work with.

Next up is migrating the SkyTemple main app to GTK 4 as well!


Section for editing general NPC, player and enemy characteristics.
One of the dialogs to edit additional information. Here: Selector for allowed moves.
Dialog that shows the Randomization being in progress.

shalien, to pokemon French
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Samedi matin 10h, on attaque directement sur des grandes discussions sur la mythologie de #pokemon avec le frangin x)

bulbagarden, to pokemon
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Part 2 of Pokémon Masters EX's Trainer Files event focused on the Kanto Elite Four returns until May 3rd — Blissful Bonanza returns until April 28th https://bulbagarden.net/threads/part-2-of-pokemon-masters-exs-trainer-files-event-focused-on-the-kanto-elite-four-returns-until-may-3rd-blissful-bonanza-returns-until-april-28th.301379/

bulbagarden, to pokemon
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New Merch Roundup: Terastal merch at Pokémon Center Japan; US, U.K., and Canada Pokémon Centers offer new apparel and Wand's latest Poké Ball replica https://bulbagarden.net/threads/new-merch-roundup-terastal-merch-at-pokemon-center-japan-us-u-k-and-canada-pokemon-centers-offer-new-apparel-and-wands-latest-poke-ball-replica.301378/

bulbagarden, to pokemon
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Get ready to hatch hordes of Cleffa with the upcoming Cleffa Hatch Day in Pokémon GO — Extended event bonuses start from Friday April 26th https://bulbagarden.net/threads/get-ready-to-hatch-hordes-of-cleffa-with-the-upcoming-cleffa-hatch-day-in-pokemon-go-extended-event-bonuses-start-from-friday-april-26th.301377/

bulbagarden, to pokemon
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Don't miss the Sustainability Week event coming to Pokémon GO this coming week, from April 22nd to 26th https://bulbagarden.net/threads/dont-miss-the-sustainability-week-event-coming-to-pokemon-go-this-coming-week-from-april-22nd-to-26th.301376/

bulbagarden, to pokemon
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Free Comic Book Day 2024 will feature Pokémon Adventures: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, available free of charge at participating locations May 4th https://bulbagarden.net/threads/free-comic-book-day-2024-will-feature-pokemon-adventures-omega-ruby-and-alpha-sapphire-available-free-of-charge-at-participating-locations-may-4th.301375/

bulbagarden, to pokemon
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Legendary Rubber Ducky - ME Plays Pokémon Brilliant Diamond https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZhJHzGlWSg&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

whimsicott, to pokemon
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bulbagarden, to pokemon
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Today's update to the official Japanese Pokémon TCG site reveals majority of remaining cards from the upcoming Transformation Mask expansion https://bulbagarden.net/threads/todays-update-to-the-official-japanese-pokemon-tcg-site-reveals-majority-of-remaining-cards-from-the-upcoming-transformation-mask-expansion.301365/

SirTapTap, to pokemon
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I defy any #pokemon lore experts to explain to me exactly what the fuck is happening here

The mega stone in them is actually a great touch but still does not justify...whatever this structure is


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