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Remote desktop for Wayland?

I only just switched to Linux last month that time I don’t know what Wayland or X11 is and I just use Linux like normal without knowing I’m using Wayland (KDE), now since I’m already configured my KDE desktop on Wayland and I don’t wanna do it again, so I’m looking for a remote desktop that work under Wayland not...

My friend didn't have a great experience with Linux

I have been daily driving Linux for over two years now and I have switched distros many times. So, when my friend bought a new laptop, I convinced him to install Linux Mint on it. I asked him if he wanted to dual boot, he said no because it would fill up all his storage. We installed Linux Mint. The other day, he wanted to play...

[SOLVED] [Manjaro XFCE] Trying to mount an SSD but gives me a "Failed to mount" error

I’m trying to mount one of my SSDs on my systems but it gives me this error when trying to mount from File System: “Failed to mount “New Volume” - No object for D-Bus interface.” If I go into Gparted and check the description of the device in question it gives me this: $MFTMirr does not match $MFT (record 3). Failed to...

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