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has been patched today against the CVE-2024-32462 security issue, preventing a sandbox escape where a malicious or compromised app could ask xdg-desktop-portal to generate a .desktop file with access to files outside the sandbox. Update now to the 1.14.6, 1.12.9, or 1.10.9 releases https://github.com/flatpak/flatpak/releases/tag/1.14.6

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Live 3.1.2-22 Disk Imaging/Cloning Tool Is Now Available for Download Patched Against the Latest XZ Backdoor and Powered by Kernel 6.7 https://9to5linux.com/clonezilla-live-is-now-patched-against-the-xz-backdoor-powered-by-linux-6-7

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Big AI news today. We're releasing the new version of Meta AI, our assistant that you can ask any question across our apps and glasses. Our goal is to build the world's leading AI.

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@zuck Hello from Mastodon!

I am super impressed that Meta is open sourcing these models!

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Fedora Docs contributor @hankuoffroad wrote a great article on how Kate can be used to simplify documentation writing! Give it a shot next time you contribute to Fedora Docs (or any docs, we all need help lol).

➡️ https://fedoramagazine.org/writing-docs-with-kate-and-git/

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Part-DB is an Open source inventory management system for your electronic components




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We are pleased to announce that Codethink are Bronze sponsors at the in Frankfurt, Germany! The ICA Summit is focussed on autonomous vehicles, ADAS and connectivity for automotive.

If you are attending the event, please reach out by commenting on this post. We hope to see you there!


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The article on Descent 3 being made open source was updated, as the licensing on the code seems to be an issue at the moment https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2024/04/descent-3-has-been-made-open-source/

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New on the #LibreOffice dev blog: testing crashes to avoid creating re-creating regressions: https://dev.blog.documentfoundation.org/2024/04/18/crash-fixes-part-3-testing-crashes/ #foss #opensource

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Learn to gather an enormous number of scrolls rapidly. The king's men may swiftly respond when you are sacking the library. https://cromwell-intl.com/open-source/torrent-magnet-links.html?s=mc

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"How it all began"

I saw an ad for this CD set at a very low price in a computer magazine. I decided to give it a try, enticed by the low cost and this 'alternative solution to Windows', and in late 1996 I ordered this set.
When it arrived, I was fascinated (having never used a Unix or Unix-like system before) but a bit daunted by the lack of support for the main applications I knew. A few months later, though, I decided to give it another go and from that point, I never looked back. Whether it was Linux, one of the BSDs, or something similar (but Unix or Unix-like), I was not going back to systems like Windows.

My today is probably one of the most significant in my computing life.

This is a photo of the back cover of the "InfoMagic LINUX Developer's Resource CD-ROM" case. The cover lists the contents of the 6-CD set, including distributions like Red Hat 3.0.3 "Picasso", Slackware 3.1, Debian GNU/Linux 1.1.4, and others, with various kernel sources up to version 2.0.12+. It mentions the inclusion of a "QuickStart" installation guide and additional software like X-Free86 Version 3.1.2, with references to online resources. There's also information about the included on-line documentation like "Installation & Getting Started Guide" by Matt Welsh and "Network Administrators Guide", as well as file format details. Contact information for InfoMagic, including telephone, fax, email, and web address, is listed, along with the company's address in Flagstaff, AZ. A barcode is present on the bottom right. The text indicates the product is from 1996, providing a glimpse into the distribution of Linux software in the mid-1990s.

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Looking for suggestions for the next stage of my - how best to watch videos and listen to music 📺🎶

At the moment I rely a lot on YouTube - am aware of so is that a good way to find & watch travel vloggers, if so which servers/users?

As for music, I mainly listen to my own MP3s on Apple Music. Which have you found to be good alternatives for iOS/Mac?

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conansysadmin, to FreeBSD
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MPV 0.38.0 video player rolls out with new scripting options, enhanced macOS functionality, and Vulkan support.

unity, to bluesky German

Bin auf der Suche nach empfehlenswerten und deutschsprachigen Usern bei . Themen, die mich interessieren wären
Geht da was?

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»WhatsApp ist der in Deutschland am häufigsten genutzte Messenger-Dienst«. [...,] Als Bundespresseamt überprüfe man regelmäßig, wie man dem verfassungsrechtlich gebotenen Informationsauftrag gerecht werden könne »und das kann eben nur gelingen, wenn wir uns auch an der tatsächlichen Mediennutzung der Bürgerinnen und Bürger orientieren«.

Wenn man dieser Argumentation folgt, lässt sich vieles als legitim rechtfertigen, trotz bestehender ethischer und rechtlicher Bedenken.


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@nerdfall @kuketzblog @Bundesregierung Der Witz ist auch, das die meisten (oder alle?) eigene Handy Apps haben, die man nutzten und promoten könnte.

Wobei da natürlich die Fragen sind:

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Super enjoyed @Unixbigot's talk on controlled DIY devices, and the overview of the voice assistant stack - learned a couple new tools that I wasn't aware of because head down in - so informative! Thanks Chris!

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I've been trying out "winapps" to run Office 365 on and it's been working very smoothly. Was pretty easy to set up as well. Definitely recommend trying it out if you need to use Office but don't want to dual boot.


(It works by running Windows in a VM and using Remote Desktop so the apps you run appear in their own window).

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📢 Yay! A new version Firefly III Data Importer has been released. Version v1.5.1 is out. Check out the release notes and download it today!


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Tell me about your favourite learning resources.

My initial goal is more "understand Rust security" rather than "write things in Rust" but I'm not adverse to learning development. It's just that architecture, design choices, ecosystem and community likely matter more to me than "how to write an if statement."

I've got access to the O'Reilly courses so if any of those are great (or terrible) I'd love to know.

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Enjoying the knowledge shared by @vmbrasseur about governance, aka "infrastructure for humans". Valuable insights – read them here:


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The latest LXQt 2.0 is here with dual Qt5 & Qt6 support, optimized for Wayland, a new Fancy Menu, and more.

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