itscountolaf, in What are people calling the Reddit exodus?


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oooh. I like that one.

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You win this thread.

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Sounds en vogue

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Do we have an m/tThreadKillers?

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Rexxit is great!

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Take my most enthusiastic upvote you marvelous brain.

reddit really is past tense now


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This one is definitely my favorite lol let rexit begin

JJROKCZ, in I miss reddit

It’s mostly the technically adept people here, we’re naturally more aware of security/privacy issues present in tech spaces and are angry that the masses are so oblivious or uncaring of the problem. Especially when that problem keeps ruining our online spaces or putting us at real world risk by letting apps use their cameras/mics/locations all the god damn time


Not everyone that is technically adept agree with your statements.


Not everyone but probably most people that are technically adept, and even more so those that have switched from reddit to lemmy


True. Not everyone agrees. Since I’m just me, I can only speak for myself.

With this in mind, I would like to hear reasons why you or others don’t agree. I ask in good faith.

Having an opinion is as natural as being human. I see the world through my eyes, think about in my brain, color it by my life experiences. So there’s always the possibility that I might be missing something important. Perhaps you were persuaded by some strong and much valid point or points.

If that’s the case, and if you’re willing, can you please share why you disagree?


To start with, I don’t think privacy is that important. I think that most open source end-products aren’t good and they are only made better when money gets involved.

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To start with, I don’t think privacy is that important.

It makes more sense when we start talking about privacy in concrete forms. It's about not giving any entity more information than it really needs in order to perform the service they claim to provide. For example, imagine how much better credit cards would be if the number was randomly generated, only valid for a single purchase and only the credit card company knew your name and address. Credit card scams would mostly be dead in the water and card readers would be rendered useless.


It’s not like it doesn’t make sense though. It makes sense that a credit card works the way it does because real-time authorization isn’t always available, and because there is a lot of legacy/backwards compatibility going on. If you wanted to “fix” credit cards you would get rid of them completely and switch to an identity service that allowed you to “federate” your identity with a lender’s service.

It sounds great, but in practice getting all of the ancillary parts working with each other is tough. Look how long Apple Pay (one of the better implementations of a better credit card) has been around and there are still a lot of places that don’t accept it.

Thinking about privacy as a 1:1 exchange with a service is already thinking two steps behind. Services have been using your info to create targeted ads since the beginning of capitalism. It really stepped up their game when computers and databases got involved, and as the internet became more prolific it got even more precise.

We’re at a point where your info isn’t even being used to target you. It’s valuable on its own.

And that’s the trade. You trade something of value to a service so that you can use their service.

Privacy is not important because we lost control of it a long time ago. It will take an act of Congress (in the US) to make it better, and there’s so much money involved that no one wants to tackle it head on.

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I agree with this


Privacy is always a trade off. You have to find a sweet spot that fits your convenience and willingness to share.

A good example is home automation. I can get a camera from someone like Nest and it’s cheap, feature packed and simple to use. But it’s going to harvest all your data and videos.

Instead I could go with Logitech and Apple. Now the price is 4x higher but the videos only exist on my Apple cloud. This is more secure but still could have security concerns, and increased costs and effort.

Lastly I could go with something like ubiquity. Another drastic increase in cost, with less features for remote access. But you host your videos locally and are in complete control. This option is by far the most complex to set up as well.

None of these are inherently bad if you understand the trade off. I am accomplished in tech and I choose the middle option because it best fit my lifestyle even though I could have went with the last option.


Yup, the privacy-convenience trade off is the best explanation, and not everyone goes the extreme route. I too went the middle route with Apple.

MichelleG, in Abusive mods with no recourse for the users.
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Hello everyone. This is Michelle, one of the Lemmy.world Admins/Moderators.

I want to let you know that if you are reporting a post/comment from a community moderator, please message me and let me know your concern. Especially if it relates to the violation of server rules for hate speech, racism, threats, or calls to violence.

If it’s a Lemmy.world community, they can resolve the report before we have a chance to see it. So please let me know if no action is being taken.

If the community is on another instance, we can see the reports you submit. We can ban and remove the posts/comments from our side.

We have zero tolerance for homophobia, racism, hate speech, bullying, child pornography, and many others that are listed under our server rules.

The moderation tools we currently have are not very robust, but I hope this helps clarify what can be done to escalate issues.


Can we please defederate from exploding-heads.com? Nothing good comes from there.


Wow, that instance looks like a cesspool.

antik, (edited )
@antik@lemmy.world avatar

wish granted sparkles


A post on that goofball server says:

Exploding-Heads.com will go offline August 31st 2023.

So we won’t have to deal with their whiny racist sexist bullshit for long.

If you’re curious an accurate tl;dr of the post that’s from is “waah we can’t be total shitheads with impunity while also telling everyone else what to do, so we’re going to voat nostr where other insufferable brats also go.”


Soooo… I don’t see any way to report abusive mod behavior at all here on lemmy - there doesn’t even seem to be a way to let the other mods of a given community know about the behavior of one of their mods. I’ve just been suspended from World News because one of the mods there decided that the term white supremacist counts as a perjorative.

clueless_stoner, (edited )

Are you aware we can see all of your removed comments? You should be surprised one of our staff didn’t just ban you from the site. You have nothing to argue for.

I don’t see any way to report abusive mod behavior at all on Lemmy

So you’re saying there is absolutely no way to email Lemmy.World, like not directly mentioned on the sidebar? And are there no options to DM admins, including secure messaging options? No reporting button?

Read before you participate next time, both community and instance rules. Thank you.


Are you aware we can see all of your removed comments?

Emmm… yes. So can I. It’s in the modlog, isn’t it?

And are there no options to DM admins

I was under the impression I was responding to an admin… right up there.

like not directly mentioned on the sidebar?

Not the sidebar I’m looking at… the only option is to individually message the mods themselves. Should I have messaged all of them or just picked one?

You should be surprised one of our staff didn’t just ban you from the site.

Please clarify your stance on this very clearly so that everybody is perfectly clear on this - do you or do you not consider the term white supremacist to be some kind of racial perjorative?


I’m not an admin, so I can’t see whatever deleted comments they’re talking about, but fyi: there’s only one R in pejorative.

(I know you weren’t asking me, but no, white supremacist is not a pejorative, any more than environmentalist or progressive is. They’re all just descriptors that can be used in otherwise appropriate or inappropriate statements)


there’s only one R in pejorative.

Thank you for the correction - it’s not a word I care to use much. Also… I copy-pasted it from World News’s sidebar.

any more than environmentalist or progressive is.

I have no idea how terms like environmentalist or progressive can be used as pejoratives.

I know you weren’t asking me

I kinda need the people with executive power to answer this - I might be new to Lemmy, but I’m not new to these kinds of discussions, and I know better than to invest energy in tackling issues of white supremacism when the people with executive power do not understand (or don’t want to understand) how white supremacism actually works.

edit: Yes, you can see the comments - it’s all in the modlog down at the bottom of the page.

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👏 Amazing 👏, please ban this fisuxcel bigot

bot, in Twitter is now completely "walled" (dont wanna rattle cages with a wrong title whoopsie)
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That’s not what paywalled means.


And that's why the "quotes" 😉

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  • reflex,
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    For what it's worth, I agree with you @assbutt.

    People who think paywall is synonymous with sign-in or account required probably spell "should have" with an "of."


    Joke's on you, I spell it "shud'v"!


    I think your username says it all 🤣

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  • ConfusedLlama,
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    You may have a point, but it's just that your replies have a certain quality to them which make you sound like an ass... butt... 🤔

    LeftIt, (edited )
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    No one's shitting on you for pointing it out mate. See anyone calling the original commenter of this chain a dick for pointing it out? No? Because that's not the issue. People are shitting on you for being a cunt.

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  • LeftIt,
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    I read your comments hence my reply. Now how about you take your own advice and read mine eh? I wasn't arguing against anything. I was telling you you're a right cunt. Clear enough for you mate? Now move on.

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  • LeftIt,
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    Don't tempt me.

    Gonna throw another tantrum? Have at it. That's all I've seen you do mate. You can keep flinging shit here since you're so full of it. I, however, will be signing off so might as well save your tears for another thread. Peace

    alex, (edited )

    Who’s really “being a shit” here? I see nobody else being hostile but you. Accusing people of that which you are doing yourself is called “projection”.

    Nobody else is pedantically picking apart silly things like wording and terminology and then lashing out at others. Just you. We all knew what he meant. Were you ever told as a kid to “pick your battles”? Do you know what that means? Not everything deserves a response.

    What’s the matter, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and decide to take it out on the world? Significant other break up with you or cheat on you? Got fired? Did your pet die? Why are you so angry at the world? What did it ever do to you? None of those things (whichever is applicable) is our problem.

    Please, let’s leave those kinds of toxic, hostile behaviors on the dead bird site and reddit where they belong. We’re trying to build something new here.

    Otherwise, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” and people are just going to report you for repeated incivility and offensive language.

    EDIT: And your reply has been reported too. Since all you know is how to behave like a child, maybe we should all treat you like one.


    Quotes are often used around a word when it's similar enough to another word to be understood.

    Paywalled means you must have an account and pay in order to view an article.

    There is no equivalent word that comes to mind for this, but "paywalled" is so close as to be misunderstood only if you're trying to do so -- you must now have an account and login in order to view what's behind the login wall.

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    theyre called scare quotes

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    To be fair, you are technically paying for it. Just with your data instead of money

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  • kitonthenet,

    This is the pedantry website, arguably more so than Reddit is at this point

    KingPyrox, (edited )
    KingPyrox avatar

    OP could mean whenever they want. Most people understood what OP meant. I was just making a point that data is often an overlooked currency.
    Also aren't you being pedant by explaining OP didn't use the correct vernacular?

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  • KingPyrox,
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    Do I have to explain excessive concern with trivial details?

    But nice try though 😉

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  • KingPyrox,
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    Says the user who started this whole thing because they needed to feel heard.

    Language is fluid, interchangeable, context driven, and not everyone feels as passionately as you about misused words (because language is fluid and interchangeable). So if you want to start an argument over trivial issues then expect people to be "insufferable".


    Would you mind going back to reddit?



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  • assbutt, (edited )
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  • thepixelfox,
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    Dude, no matter how much you simp for Elon, he's not gonna fuck you.

    Get over yourself. You pedantic cockwaffle.

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    Username checks out.


    What would you call it then? Account walled? Log blocked? Auth doored?

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  • Kraiden,

    You can no longer view WSJ without paying. Damn, that was complicated.

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    Perfect comparison

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  • Kraiden,


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  • assbutt,
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  • gax, (edited )


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  • wahming,

    Not really. When I read that title, my first thought was twitter had implemented some sort of paid tier. It was arguably misleading


    It seems you're squarely the exception to the rule.

    pieselpriemel, in Twitter is now completely "walled" (dont wanna rattle cages with a wrong title whoopsie)
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    Beautiful plumage.

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    HELLLLO POLLY! whack whack

    !deleted125603, (edited ) in Abusive mods with no recourse for the users.


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  • mannycalavera, (edited )
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    FWIW, I was threatened on Reddit more than once with actual murder... people threatening to come to my house and kill me. Reddit's general response was to... delete the chat message in question as a "resolution" to my complaint. AFAIK, that was the extent of their action. I at least have the impression that abusive users will be removed, though it might take a bit given the incredible influx of new users.

    This is horrible, why do people think they can say this shit? I hope you reported this to the police? I'm pretty much most places this behaviour is illegal. It's not a good look for Reddit to be complacent with illegal activity on their site.

    Edit: massive typos


    They think they can say this shit because they obviously can. There are no consequences.

    @zeppo@lemmy.world avatar

    I had a similar experience, but their response was better. I had been talking on a certain sub for months (an illness support sub...) and there was one user who was prominently abrasive. Actually an odd mixture of acting tough mixed with seeming very sensitive, so I suppose basically a bully. We didn't get along great. He liked giving factually incorrect advice mixed with telling us all we were "weak pussies" for being concerned about illness. I don't remember all the details, but at some point he started blatantly using alternate accounts to support his viewpoints and harass people. I called him out on that and he was angry about it, and started saying things like "I'll be in Portland next week, maybe I'll come pay you a little visit" and "you'd better watch for me, I'll be seeing you soon". Reddit admins did remove his main account along with the 2-3 others he was using.



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  • VanillaGorilla,

    I don't fear them. Let 'em come!

    P Sherman
    42 Wallaby Way


    A French guy was stabbed to death once after a guy he beat in counter-strike was able to track him down.


    Possible and tragic, but that's the address of the dentist in Finding Nemo. And I suck at counter strike. And I'm not French.


    The question is, is it real? Or are addresses in movies fake and cannot be traced to real places, like the 555 phone numbers?


    Google said it's fake. I guess the producers wouldn't have picked a real address. Or at least not a real address of a person. Police station would be a good pick.


    This is explicitly why I avoid mixing my gaming/forums/Discord accounts with my IRL/social media accounts. People out there are lunatics.

    exohuman avatar

    Yeah, as @melpone says it will just take time for admins to respond if you message them directly. I know Lemmy.world doesn’t tolerate people like this. This is from the lemmy/mastodon.world Code of Conduct:

    Provide a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for everyone regardless of gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, personal appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, nationality, political affiliation, or other similar characteristic.

    @jerkface@lemmy.ca avatar

    A homophobe told me that he’d rather die than respect everyone’s right to be safe and unabused in public. I told him I didn’t believe him, why doesn’t he show us. I got permabanned, he’s still spreading hate.


    Lovely 😐

    cenobitz, in Onkalo: Finland's 100,000 Year Nuclear Tomb

    If anyone is interested in nuclear energy, I recommend a documentary about a project underway in Finland, which will take several generations to complete. What interests me, however, is the fact that they have hired ethnographers and semioticians to create a system of signs and warnings for people who potentially could discover this storage site after an apocalypse in a few thousand years.


    @cenobitz What the name of this Finnish nuclear-energy documentary?

    Have you ever looked into the history of the coxcomb (or Rose Diagram), developed by Florence Nightingale?


    Or the Plimsoll Line?


    Its a fascinating domain - when its used to inform and generate genuine change it can be incredibly powerful, especially when used creatively to solve bespoke problems.


    Thanks for your message because in fact i posted wrong url to YT it should be

    ONKALO the place you must always remember to forget


    i watched the movie twice ... and will be watching third this week... :D love the sound and apocalyptic atmosphere


    I will check links and informations after work ;) i am interested in such topics. Thanks.

    novamdomum, in Kamala Harris is less popular than Dick Cheney after he shot a guy in the face
    novamdomum avatar

    I have no idea about Harris history but this seemed like such a biased headline and gossipy article I did a little digging about who the Washington Examiner is. Apparently it's a right wing paper owned by a billionaire mega donor to Trump's campaign.

    Makes a little more sense now.

    Itty53 avatar

    Harris could easily be the most unpopular VP only because she pisses off both sides. To the right she's a black woman and that's plenty to hate her. To the left, she's a statist cop who put plenty of poor people in jail over tiny drug crimes. As the DA of San Francisco and AG of California she played a typical neoliberal role: executing conservative policies with flowery liberal verbiage.

    Progressives don't like her and the DNC doesn't listen to their progressives often. She's definitely a sore spot.

    !deleted95653, (edited ) in Twitter is now completely "walled" (dont wanna rattle cages with a wrong title whoopsie)


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  • Xeelee,
    Xeelee avatar

    Shit filtered through a fine cloth is still shit.

    tal avatar

    Works now, though I don't know what nitter.net's method of obtaining Tweet data is, and wouldn't be terribly surprised if Twitter intends to crack down on that, sooner or later.



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  • !deleted95653, (edited )


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  • jeffcliff,


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  • Fatalchemist, in Since we are seeing a lot more porn post I think it's clear Kbin is here to stay.
    Fatalchemist avatar

    This post seems like a good reminder for everyone that people can see who upvoted, downvoted, and boosted any post and comment by clicking "more" and "activity".

    Do with this information as you will.

    Sylveon-Z avatar

    Wish there was an option to hide that ngl

    eatmoregreenfood avatar

    It's been a conversation lately on kbin.social. I imagine our kbin.social administrator will address it. He's been pretty on top of things


    What exactly is such a feature supposed to do, other than making it easier to try to dig through someone's history to 'win' an argument or discredit users?

    Seems dumb.


    Between this and the requirement for email address at registration I find the lack of privacy on kbin/fediverse a bit curious. I don't see why such a feature brings value, but at the same time I guess it's more for a technical reason. The list of users who upvoted need to be saved anyway and as it's decentralized anyway anyone can read it. Just wished it was hashed instead, or replaced by some digital signature.

    Fatalchemist avatar

    I'm only guessing, but I assume email is likely to help cut down on spam bots. Maybe? (Someone do tell me if that's wrong. I wouldn't mind learning something!)

    I know some users here say seeing who upvotes promotes transparency. Maybe you're less likely to upvote some hatespeech if you're attached to it and not doing so anonymously. Which then means it gets less traction and the user feels less welcome. Which curbs it.

    But then privacy is important, too. There's nothing wrong with me going to the adult store and buying a gimp suit for myself with the Anal Blaster Master 3000: Destroyer of Rims vibrating dildo pack. But I also don't need my neighbors or family to know. Just like I don't need people to know I upvoted that really hot video of a man smearing chunky peanut butter on his incredibly hairy chest as a girl tries to lick it off.

    I'm sticking around for now and seeing if things either change (like if the users for upvoted etc get hashed or something for example) and how things end up feeling in the long run with or without those changes.

    D1G17AL, in libertarian learns public ownership makes everyone more free

    In California, something like 53% of the land is public or state property meaning that California has even more land for the public to use than Washington. Poor sap tricked himself into thinking Texas was so great. Texas is a shithole. Sorry not sorry.


    This was a huge shock for me when I moved east. I should have looked at the BLM access maps before moving.

    SlopppyEngineer, in libertarian learns public ownership makes everyone more free

    Have you tried not being poor and buying your own dirt bike track and forest to hunt in?

    ech, in libertarian learns public ownership makes everyone more free

    Surprise surprise, the biggest supporters of “small government” just want to own everything themselves. Who could’ve seen that coming?

    Oh, right, literally anyone with a brain.

    @Sterile_Technique@lemmy.world avatar

    A lot of Libertarianism sounds great on paper, so it’s an easy trap to fall into. Once you consider the human element and factors like greed, it stands out as an exceptionally abusable political model; but if you don’t think about it critically (which is a LOT of people), it’s just liberty this and non-aggression-principle-that and it all sounds just oh-so peachy… again, on paper.


    Communism is very similar in this way. It’s great on paper, and then people put it into practice…

    nicetriangle avatar

    Incidentally I thought both philosophies sounded somewhat reasonable when I was around 13.

    @itslilith@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

    There is a big difference though. Communism acknowledges collective goals and responsibilities. Libertarianism denies them.


    Have a look into libertarian socialism aka anarchism (among other ideologies). An internally consistent ideology that accounts for humanitys shitty side while maximizing human freedom. With a decent track record to boot


    Unfortunately so many are indoctrinated through language to not understand such an abstract. Anarchism/anarchy is “chaos”. Not to mention the horrible representation of the much more visible oxymorons. Anarcho-capitalists are a contradiction in themselves.

    But there is one compelling argument for people to learn and understand it. Understanding it will piss off anarcho-capitalists and Big L Libertarians to no end. And take away any of the mystique or good will others might have towards them. No freedoms but social freedoms. If you have a freedom that is personal to you that others do not get to enjoy or share. That is a privilege and not a freedom. And even pointing this out will cause both groups to sethe and sputter ineffectually

    jwr1, in Test thread
    @jwr1@kbin.earth avatar

    First comment from Interstellar!

    treleonora, in Il 9 e 10 settembre a Lucca si celebreranno i 100 anni dell'Aeronautica militare all'insegna dei giochi legati all'aviazione
    @treleonora@mastodon.bida.im avatar

    Ma è bellissimo! Già immagino quali saranno i giochi che si inventeranno...

    Gioco della prima giornata: "Sposta gli aerei"

    Aiuta anche tu nonno Benito a far spostare gli aerei di pista in pista , per far credere a zio Adolfo che la Regia Aeronautica ne possiede davvero uno squadrone in ogni aeroporto!

    Gioco della seconda giornata: "Gli aerei e l'arte"

    Colpisci la città insorta e spara le tue bombe in modo da riprodurre il famoso quadro di Picasso "Guernica"

    Gioco della terza giornata: "Risikazzo"

    Scegli tra Iraq, Serbia e Libia e usa tutto il tuo arsenale per massimizzare la distruzione degli obiettivi strategici e quel che resta del tuo interesse nazionale


    @informapirata@mastodon.uno avatar

    @treleonora ussignor, umor nero, ma quanto è vero! 😂

    Se te la legge @gubi ti ci fa una comic story!


    @treleonora@mastodon.bida.im avatar

    @informapirata perché non hai visto ancora il merchandising di Giochi Preziosi... 🤬

    Il Balbo volante, i Sorci Verdi e il tributo alle industrie di difesa con lo Zainetto Guidoni per la scuola, fatto a forma di zaino paracadute che però non si apre

    @gubi @Bluoltremauri

    @informapirata@mastodon.uno avatar

    @treleonora oddio, no: non dare idee... 😁

    @gubi @Bluoltremauri

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