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Broncos Out on Trade for $35 Million Former Top 3 Pick, Rival Insider Says

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Good win for the in a playoff-like game. Defense locked down the win in the fourth quarter — another notch for in the clutch defense category. Now for the numbers:

Porter Jr.: 30 points, 11 rebounds;

Joker: Missed out on his fifth straight triple-double, but he still posted 18-11-7;

Gordon: 16 points, nine rebounds;

Caldwell-Pope: 18 points.

Next up: At the on Saturday. 🤞for Murray’s ankle. @nba

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Tough second quarter for #Denver — lost Murray and only scored 20 points. But the #Nuggets are still up, 56-51, at halftime. Porter Jr. picked up some of the slack with 18 points, and KCP has 13. #NBA @nba

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Tomorrow at the DeSci (Decentralizing Science) Summit in Denver, Colorado, Senior Astronomer Franck Marchis will be giving a keynote address titled "Unistellar Citizen Science Network: Toward a Decentralized Digital Telescope Network?". More info:

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Two-Time Super Bowl Champion Urged Broncos to Stick with Russell Wilson at QB

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Players Send Telling Message on Sean Payton, Broncos in New Survey

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I could hardly believe my luck when I saw this through the viewfinder.

Of course, I'm barely learning to take photos, can only roughly manually focus, and was in a rush to get to a conference - but with all that in mind, I'm happy with the result.

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Shin splints be damned — Jamal Murray (32 points, six assists) leads the to a 117-96 win. It was ’s fourth straight win by at least 15 points. At one point, the Nuggets went on a 68-25 run.

Next up — tomorrow vs. Miami, who’s watching from a comfortable Denver hotel. Murray will probably sit tomorrow, too, as the Nuggets manage his shin issues. @nba

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Tidbit from sideline reporter Vic Lombardi:

Phil Jackson (13 NBA championship rings) said that a championship team needs to win 40 games before it loses 20, and those numbers hold up. Not counting the bubble year, which had fewer games, 36 of the last 39 champs indeed matched the Jackson standard.

If holds onto its 24-point lead, it will be 40-19. @nba

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had 35 points in the first quarter and 37 points since. significantly turned up the defense. up 28 after three quarters. All five Denver starters have at least 14 points. @nba

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Early in the third, the extend this run to 37-8. up 14. @nba

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flips the script in the second quarter, outscoring the 37-20 to turn a 15-point deficit into a 10-point halftime lead. Jamal Murray (18), Gordon (13) and Joker (10) all in double figures. As predicted, the Kings were 0-for-9 on threes in the second quarter. @nba

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Proposed Drilling Near Suburban Denver Superfund Site Raising Flags

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Sounds like nobody wants Russell Wilson -- unless he gets cut

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Broncos' Sean Payton Sets Expected Timeline for Decision on Russell Wilson

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Beat Writer Encouraged Broncos to 'Steal' Key Player from Division Rival

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Denver City Council Upholds Mayor's 'No Freezing Sweeps' Veto

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'Ya'll Just Voted to Kill People!': Denver City Council Upholds Mayor's 'No Freezing Sweeps' Veto

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Broncos' $21 Million Star Named 'Dream' Trade Target for Super Bowl Squad

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play-by-play announcer Chris Marlowe: “Technically, Joker doesn’t have a triple double against all 30 teams. He doesn’t have one against the .”

Color commentator Scott Hastings: “He does in practice.”


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