Kropotkine_113, to graffiti French avatar

La passerelle industrielle Ivry-Charenton, au dessus de la Seine. De loin, c'est moche. Et puis on la parcourt et on tombe sur des dizaines d'œuvres de
Je vais faire un long fil avec les photos prises. Ça va prendre du temps parce qu'il faut que je traite les photos (choisir, recadrer, alt-texter).


eisenmed, to graffiti German avatar

-Kultur im Skatepark Chapultepec -Stadt


mothninja, to graffiti avatar
Roentare, to animals avatar
coprolite9000, to graffiti

Bonus from the shipyard at , - March 2008. (I have ... several more photos taken there. Large areas of what I explored have long since been demolished and redeveloped...)

docpop, to graffiti avatar

Imagine my surprise when I heard my name mentioned 13 minutes into a freight train graffiti documentary from 2005.

cdb_77, to graffiti French avatar
cdb_77, to graffiti French avatar
Maverick604, to Malaysia avatar

I get strong Banksy vibes from this street art I stumbled upon in George Town, Malaysia.

AmiW, (edited ) to art German avatar

🔴 Artist: #LizArtBerlin in City: #Valencia Spain 🇪🇸 2021 - Title: "Reset"- #Streetart #Art #Urbanart #Mural #Graffiti #Artist #Pasteup
#Reset #GoodMorning !☕🥐🥐

derekvanvliet, to cycling avatar

riding bikes every day until I can’t for some reason, day 1321

figstick, to Albuquerque avatar
Rome_and_stuff, to philosophy avatar

An cippus announcing the return of land by the emperor Augustus to the public on the Aventine Hill, shame about the


muralhunters, to gdansk avatar
Violentenka, to graffiti
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cdb_77, to graffiti French avatar

"La tue. Désormons-la"
"The police kills, let's disarm it"

spotted in

ping @RadicalGraffiti

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pluralistic, to graffiti avatar

Moneybags on the moon

pluralistic, to graffiti avatar

Animal lib

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