Let's keep an eye on the big M

Threads is oficially starting to test ActivityPub integration (www.threads.net)

Mark Zuckerberg: Starting a test where posts from Threads accounts will be available on Mastodon and other services that use the ActivityPub protocol. Making Threads interoperable will give people more choice over how they interact and it will help content reach more people. I'm pretty optimistic about this.

Meta given 30 days to cease using the name Threads by company that trademarked it 11 years ago (www.techspot.com)

What just happened? In what is another case of a tiny company suing an internet giant for allegedly using a trademarked name, a British software firm has told Meta it's got 30 days to stop using the term Threads for its latest social media platform in the UK as it owns the trademark.

Threads' federation will be opt-in, at least for now (www.threads.net) Polish

@mosseri: The current plan is you'll have to have a public account and explicitly opt in to your content being available on other servers. This is consistent with what other large players like WordPress are doing, but somewhat controversial within the Mastodon community. If we end defaulting people in, we'll absolutely offer an...

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