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It is weird and discouraging to see how many people choose for its looks and reach.

Forgetting that the sole reason this app exists is for a humongous moloch to get at even more of their personal data. All to increase their dominance and power and ability to enrich themselves.

Forgetting that this dominance is already at highly problematic proportions, where Meta and also and other have the power to influence society as a whole.

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Another passionate enthusiast for an open, federated social web!

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Tested out the private beta of the API in today. Nice to see progress on that front, but still pretty raw. Just scheduling and publishing at this point.

Given the strong relationship that Meta has with most enterprise social tools already, we should see stronger adoption of the network by orgs/brands when API fully opens up.

A screenshot showing a social media management interface for creating a new post, with options to select different social accounts for publishing.

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I have been experimenting with since it launched in Europe at the end of last year

On top of a very, very, very bad algorithmic feed, Adam Mosseri, the head of the platform, is posting at least twice a month some unhinged ideas to "improve" the platform

His most recent one is a poll where he is asking how long posts should stay online before Meta automatically force-archive them (

It really seems that Meta has no idea what they are doing

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While this is good news if you don't like Elon...

I'm not sure I'm comfortable trading Elon for Zuck. Or how 1000% nefarious Meta is with how they see all of us, "the user".

#threads #twitter

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Threads confirm new save feature, similar to Instagram and X - Threads is introducing a new feature to allow users to store posts for later acces... - #x

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This is the core problem with & , they have a very high false positive that they won't fix. It has been that way for 3 years, & Threads is using it.

No help either unless you are an “influencer”. So frustrating!

A screenshot of Instagram and Threads very high false positive that they won't fix.
A screenshot of Instagram and Threads very high false positive that they won't fix.

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Seriously, and , what did I do wrong? You should at least tell people so they know.

And 2 days ban for a false positive?!

Threads team, you definitely should fix this. Better yet, disconnect Threads account from Instagram, because whatever happens on Instagram, Threads is affected. Since the Instagram team won't fix their faulty system, Threads will be impacted as well.

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Oh, by the way, that “Tell Us” button? It's just a “Thank you for telling us, it will help improve our system” but we won't lift your ban because we still believe we are right and you are wrong.

Lessons here:

  1. Discussion about learning the is a bannable offence on Instagram.
  2. What happens on Instagram, doesn't stay on Instagram, it spills over on Threads.

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@bookstardust There was a reel about how Koreans use 네 for many situations, and does not necessarily mean “yes” every time. In the reel, the creator also wrote the RR transliteration as “ne” while showing how it's pronounced in a given scenario.

Many commented that they were surprised it's “ne” because they usually hear “de” in K-drama. So, I replied to one comment and explained it.

And boom, blocked for 2 days.

I tried to share the screenshot via , and I'm blocked there as well for 2 days.

-- I only used “네” (once or twice in one comment) as part of the explanation. shrugs

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I was trying to find out why images and videos are not loading in today, and noticed this.

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What with the slow disintegration of Twitter and all, I'm finding it difficult to reach new readers who might enjoy my work.

If you could help me spread the word about my newest book, that would be a big help. Thank you.

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@jeremycshipp @angiebaby I suggest posting this on as well, as there are many book enthusiasts on the platform (which is amplifying). As long as it is not about politics (which they are minimizing exposure) then you should find new readers there.

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Politik auf Social Media oder doch lieber einschraenken, so wie das nun auf & geplant ist? Warum ich das fuer richtig halte, das erklaere ich...

am morgigen Sonntag in der neuesten Ausgabe von MeTacheles, die ihr hier 👉 kostenlos abonnieren.

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@pallenberg Es ist ja schon bezeichnend, dass ausgerechnet von der bevorstehenden "Regelung" ausnimmt. Denn dort finden Medien statt, die von der Politik leben und natürlich auch politische Parteien und Gruppierungen. Welche im Zweifelsfall für ihre Präsenz zahlen.

ist eine Vertriebsplattform und wird der textlastige Arm von Instagram - und eben nicht 2.0.

Nach wie vor funktionieren die Melde-Systeme gegen dort nicht.

Durchschaubar ...

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Sosiaalisen median tulevaisuus saattaa olla hajautettu - ja se on erittäin hyvä asia.

Threads puuhailee jo virityksiä, jotka yhdistäisivät sen Mastodon-maailman kanssa. Ja nyt Bluesky julkisti oman hajautetun järjestelmän mallinsa.

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Me watching everyone discuss the federation after the federation discussion and still not entirely understanding it but there are big feelings:

Deer Popcorn GIF

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ちなみにTwitterは51位。 4位。 13位。なので Threads は順調にユーザー数伸びてるんだと思う。BeReal も。

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I think #Threads coming into the #Fediverse, and #Bluesky taking off as its own network, might create the pressure and motivation we need to fix what's missing in ActivityPub.

A lot of people are doing super important work right now, creating proposals and extensions, case studies, and doing research on how we can extend the protocol. That's great!

I think we need our feet held to the fire in order to come together, and try to solve a bunch of problems like Identity, Data Portability, Privacy Controls, and Discovery. It might be enough to push for #ActivityPub 2.0.

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This is a nice statement of why exists and how it differs from other social networks like #X, and . It’s also an amazing technical achievement. 👏

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ha passato i 5 milioni di utenti (e ha aperto alla sua federazione).

latita, ma questa é la classica fase un po' fiacca dell'anno.

per tenere alto il senso di novità sta pensando a un sistema di cross-posting con (che quatto quatto potrebbe mettere anche lui indirettamente il piedino nel ). 😆

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